Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother’s Day

Stopping at Wal-Mart to pick up some personal items for mom, and a card and a potted plant, I continued on my way to visit Mother.

Mother’s day is approaching, and I wanted to pay an early visit to my mother at her Assisted Living home.

At the front desk, I left two packages of Reese Peanut Butter cup candies for the staff that diligently and lovingly care for the residents at Larkspur Lodge.

This home specializes in Dementia residents, and since my mom's memory has been drifting in and out for many years, she often does not recognize me. She pats my face and then I hold her hands, and I tell her, “This is the Day the Lord has made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

I can understand her words, when she says “God Bless you,” but the rest of our conversation is a mumble and I do not catch a word.  However I nod my head and answer yes, and she seems to enjoy the banter.

Mom took the flowers and then gave them back. She held the card and seemed to enjoy the smiley face of the sun shining, although she may not have understood the message as I read it to her.

At times I feel so guilty for having found it necessary to place her in this facility instead of continuing to keep her in our home.  Then I realize my own body and that of my husband is not as young as we once were.

Also I am reminded by my son-in-law, that I am showing her love by giving her the care that she needs at this time in her life, and she does enjoy the girls who shower her with much attention and tender care.

One of the girls asked me to provide some photos of Mother’s days as a young girl. My husband and I went to Staples and had reprints made and the girl was so happy to receive her copies.

She showed them one by one to mother, and mother would point to herself in the photos.

It is difficult to know how much she understands, but she does understand love.

Mother is 99 years old and her “Mothers” day is fast approaching.

Soon and very soon, We shall see the King!


  1. you are a kind daughter.

  2. "Hi Mom! Of all your siblings, you are the most thoughtful and caring with regards to your Mother. You do well by her. It would be different if you lived in large place with separate accommodations and caregivers to help. This is the next best thing. Love you!"

  3. When her time comes, she'll be free of the things that constrain her, and she'll be young and full of spunk again. The hardest part is going through the process, but you're doing well. This is honor and mercy you are showing her. Those things are a blessing. Your reward grows along with your love. No one can take that away from you.... or her.


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