Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Country Farming and Garden Spots

Replacing the gravel drive way, with a smooth paved circular drive that continued to the rear of our mobile home and back again to the front gate was worth the investment.

Now I could walk without fear of turning my ankle and could also get my daily exercise without leaving our property. 

That is curious puppy Luke coming to see me take the photo.  Buck and Smoke are watching near the steps and hoping for a doggie treat.

Meandering by our two lemon trees, I breathed in the sweet perfumed air of their blossoms. Bees were busy gathering pollen and assuring me of a good harvest.

Off to the front of our mobile was a small grass area, and beyond it towards the fence lay our garden spot.

Zucchini seeds had been planted in a tray several weeks earlier and recently were transplanted along with some 6 packs of tomato plants into the ready garden spot.

A circular area where flowers once were, held Swiss chard seeds that are now gently peeking through their mulch.

Our three dogs have been extremely interested in all of this roto-tilling, digging and planting and my husband knew what was uppermost on their minds.

1. Nice soft spot to lie down and relax.
2. Great place to dig.
3. This area needs to be marked by us.

However my husband was prepared. So as our dogs watched suspiciously while he dug some holes for posts and then strung poultry wire around the two garden areas, they knew they were defeated.

In life we often need to put up a fence and let the enemy of our souls know that he is off limits and can advance NO further.

1. “Don’t even think about it, you devil” - - is what I tell him when I see his approach to find a nice spot to occupy and rest.

2. Our enemy would like to DIG up our past and hold it up for us to gaze at again. NO I will not even glance at what he insists that I view.

3. AND I have already been marked by God, when He applied the blood of Jesus to all my sins.

How about you? How does your garden grow?

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  1. This analogy made complete sense to me in a way that made me wonder, "Why haven't I thought of that?" I esp. needed to read #2. I know all 3, but I struggle the most with #2 and recently have been waging quite a battle.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Your set-up looks lovely and peaceful.

  2. You reminded me how much my father liked to farm. Even though he was an engineer by trade, he always had a huge garden each summer and delighted in working in it and then giving away much of what he grew.

    I only do flower gardening, and I have been getting more into that this year not only for the flowers but for my soul.

    Thanks for provoking thoughts here.

  3. Thanks for the reminder to "just say no"

  4. you make me want to go over those pieces of armor again.

  5. I've put in a bed of tomatoes -- Early Girl and Better Boy. Eveything else is flowers.

    And it's all good for the soul.


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