Monday, May 9, 2011

Cheese for Other uses!

Cheese is used most commonly for cooking and eating and at our home we keep a variety of different types in our refrigerator.
However cheese does have other uses too. You are probably thinking about the old fashioned mouse traps when cheese is used to catch an unwelcomed critter. I have also used peanut butter on a mouse trap and that works well too.

Let me share with you another use for cheese that has helped us with a problem with our dogs. We have three great dogs, and we try our best to keep them healthy.

Each month we give them a preventative pill to keep them free from Heart Worms. They like the soft chewy kind, but on my last purchase I ended up with some firm pills that they did not want to accept.

My husband had the perfect solution and this is what he did. He took a slice of cheddar cheese from the refrigerator and cut it into three even strips.

Next he cuts one third off of each of those slices. Taking the larger two thirds, he wraps the pill and made sure our dogs could see the other small piece waiting.

It is a good thing our dogs like cheese, so as he held up the small piece so they could see it, and offered the wrapped pill, they quickly took it knowing they could have the other piece as well. It worked like a charm, and their prevention is good for another month.

If you have dogs that need tablets for a reason, and they hesitate to take their pills. Cheese is good and it deceived our puppies into taking their medicine.

In life, we need to be cautions because Satan often tries to hide something undesirable by making it look decent and respectable. That is what he told Eve, Just take a small bite and prove to yourself that you have been kept back from something good.

As Christians we must be wise and harmless as a dove and watch out for that old trickster! (He usually does not use cheese!!)

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  1. I perfect solution, Hazel! I've always heard that dogs like cheese, but I've never really given it to my dogs. Now I know how to give her to take pills though, if I need it! Thanks for linking up with There and Back Again, too!

  2. Yes, it worked for our dogs too. Great tip, Hazel, and you are so right about the other guy. He is such a trickster.


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