Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Waving to the Train

I remember the daily Toot Toot from the trains that would travel up and down the rail road track that was only a block away from our rented home.

Busy with two younger children, my mother suggested that I run down to the corner, AND not cross the street, but wait for the freight train to chug on by. At five years old, I was not allowed to cross streets by myself and I knew it was important to obey that rule.

Mother reasoned that watching the train would provide me with some no cost entertainment and give her some freedom to catch up with her work in the kitchen.

She explained to me that if I would wave to the engineer as the train passed by, that he would wave back at me.

That sounded like a great game, so off I went, skipping all the way.

Frantically and anxiously I waited. Here came the train, and at just the right moment, I waved and hoped that the engineer would see this toe headed little girl with the Dutch boy hair cut and wave back.

He did see me, and sure enough that is what happened.  He smiled and waved back tossing his red handkerchief toward me in a swirling motion as his way to say, “Hi there youngster!”

I was so thrilled and happy! It was such a little thing, but little things continue to make me happy!

Times were different in the mid 1930’s and our neighborhood was safe and mother trusted me to walk alone to the corner when the train would pass by.

This became my diversion all the months we lived in that home, and I imagined that the engineer was glad to see me each day.  And he probably was!

I somehow knew that my engineer friend enjoyed our ritual as much as I did.

These days in my neighborhood, at my church, I endeavor to ask the young children about their school and what they are learning? Children need kind attention from adults.

I don’t wave a red hankie at my neighbors or church members, but words spoken can demonstrate and show our love and concern for others.

What are the ways you are finding to show others that you care?


  1. Yes, the importance of our words... Can we ever say enough? Vicki K.

  2. Hi there! I got a cookie recipe from Marelie's blog for no bake cookies that she said she originally got from you. I've seen this recipe before and I've heard them called "Preacher's Cookies". I wondered if you'd ever heard them called that before and if you knew the story behind the name. Happy today!

  3. Many times. Trains go by our house across the street, and down by the school, which is 5 houses down, several times a day.

    Judy A

  4. "I remember doing that in Colorado.. although I think I must have been about 3 or 4...Who would let a little kid like that wander without an adult? I also like making the "honk" sign to truckers.." Nancy P

  5. How do I find ways to show I care? "I try to make sure I always have someone on hand to give - think I must have heeded your example. We keep small packets of fun things for kids too so I can reach in the car and pull one out if needed - usually included Chick booklets. When I come to my DA school, I may ask an off-handed question that students may hesitate at. The first one to be brave enough to step out with a response gets something special thrown n their direction to catch. They all laugh and it keeps them on alert to see what I will do." Nancy K


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