Friday, September 9, 2011

Daily Devotions

One of my friends has found such a blessing in using “The Book of Common prayers” for her daily time with God.

The church I visited on a recent Sunday used a similar book all through their service except when the minister preached. It was different for me, but extremely interesting.

In my home in the mornings, I use a daily Devotional called "The Upper Room." It is abbreviated compared to "The Book." I am happy that others are finding such joy in using a book and reading the prayers therein. The written prayers are to them like poetry to the soul.

My own prayers are spontaneous and unrehearsed. At times I sense God’s presence simply explained as a very gentle touch of electricity going through my body. Some call it “The Anointing.”  When this happens, I know God has reached out and ministered to the person I have prayed for.

Other times my prayers are words of thanksgiving which can be uttered while doing other tasks even sweeping the floor or doing the laundry.

When I was still working, I kept at my desk a devotional calendar that you flip the pages over for each day. At times some of my co-workers would come by my desk and read my calendar, and it became a witnessing tool. It also helped begin their work day.

I have several Bibles in my home, but for some time now, the Free online has been downloaded on my computer, and I use it to read my Bible each evening.  

I find that I fall asleep much easier after reading God’s word. E-Sword is also an excellent study tool, and I often use the search feature to find a scripture I need.

What ever your method is to get together with God, find a comfortable time and place to pray and ready your Bible.

If “The Book” helps you meet with God, then I agree that this is what you should do. If you use a daily devotional, that also is a good choice.

Take time to fellowship with God, and He is always ready and willing to meet you there.

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  1. Thank you for explaining the anointing. It is the first time I have had put words put around the experience you describe. Love your blog, keep up the good work.

  2. Well said. The fellowship with other believers is one of our necessities, but the time spent with God, seeking, praising, and gaining insight into more of who He is, can be the most magical time in our lives.
    I think many of us miss out on that part while we're doing the fellowship part. "Draw nigh unto Me and I will draw nigh unto you."
    Looking forward to my study time today...


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