Monday, September 19, 2011

The Pie Man

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The Pie Man’s wife, Peggy was a beautiful lady and very shy, and one day as I visited her, I exclaimed, “Peggy, I love coming to visit you at your house.”

She asked why, and with all honesty, my young and not so wise mouth proclaimed, “Because when I visit you, my cluttered house seems very clean.”

Books were stacked on tables and not on shelves, papers everywhere, unopened mail, toys here and there, and boxes of purchases sitting on counters, this was Peggy’s house. Yet I loved her and admired her and her family.

Peggy felt cheated in life! When she was a very young teenager, an especially handsome fellow at church wanted to date her. She was excited because the feeling was mutual.

The Pie man, approached the dashing fellow and told him, to leave Peggy alone, because she belonged to him and he was going to marry her.  She did eventually marry the Pie Man, but always felt she could have had a more attractive husband.  Peggy never got over wishing things could have been different !!

Could have, should have, may well have been the worst thing that might have happened to Peggy. She pined away with regrets as she raised her two wonderful children. Yet she was adored by her husband who was crazy about her.

Even when she took their life savings and loaned it to her brother to purchase a Cruise ship, the Pie Man loved her still.

Even when her brother lost his ship in foreclosure, the Pie Man loved Peggy still.

Even when she began to go out for coffee with another man from her acquaintance and pour out her story of “poor me” to this other man, the Pie Man loved her still. 

I am reminded that I too have done some pretty stupid things in my life, but God loves me still. He puts up with me when I act foolish, outlandish or even peculiar at times.

God says that I am worth loving, and He loves me regardless, because He paid a BIG price to secure and keep me. He gave up His Son Jesus so that I could be His child.

The truth is that God loves YOU in the same way that He loves me.

Why waste precious time living with “regrets” that probably was not God’s plan for you in the first place.

Come out of that dark corner of self pity, and enter into His light and life. Allow Jesus to shine His light into your heart and reveal His truth to you.

The important thing to always remember is “That God Loves you still.” So run to him and serve Him with your whole heart and your entire being.

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  1. Oh, we all need to learn the lesson of loving that the pie man gives (I just love your stories!). Isn't it amazing, how He loves us? I never get over the wonder of it.

  2. Oh Hazel, I just love your stories! Vicki K

  3. We need a few more Pie Men in this world. I agree, I've done some pretty ignorant things in my life, like your friend Peggy, it always seemed to be self centered...

    I hope Peggy and the Pie man was a happy ending...

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this.

    I found you on the Wild Wednesday hop and I'm following you on GFC. Come hop with me tomorrow during my Friends-day Wednesday hop!

  5. Great story and glad I found you on the Wild Wednesday hop. Love finding new blogs to make me smile.
    Hope u will chk us out too at


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