Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Flood

The Flood  

Heavens open, pour out their containment
Gushing swirling not knowing which way is best,
Deep opens and swishes churning its while,
Flooding everywhere, North, South, East and West!

Pouring, never ending, where does it all go?
Cold and hollow dashing to meet the destination,
Freezing bitter, throwing higher, deeper,
Questions, Why? There is no comprehension.

Lightening flashing, then darkness everywhere,
No light or shadows only sounds of thunder,
Cracking, rumbling noise of anger and of wrath,
Rolling, boiling flowing - - Only wonder!

Reaching out, arms outstretched, voices calling,
Over those who cry, befalls the covering flood,
I am lost, Jesus, save me lest I perish!
Cover me now with your precious blood!

Rushing, soothing wooing, loving
Gentle tender is the flow,
Washing, rinsing spotless clean
My Savior this I know! 

Hazel Moon 09/04/2011

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(This is a Repost, hope you enjoy it again)

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