Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Fruit? – Cut it Down!

Down plunged two of our four apple trees. These trees had bore no fruit for three years, and my husband made a decision to take them out.

Large green cooking apples were almost ready to harvest from one of the trees still standing. The other tree offered a sprinkling of fruit, and, “We will dig around it and water it for another year,” said my husband.

Although the green apples were not yet fully ripe, my husband picked a basket full because he wanted to make an apple pie.

Usually we purchase the ready made store bought crusts, but we had just used our last pie crust supply a few days ago to make a cherry pie.

Not an experienced pie maker, my husband wanted to understand, and learn how to make a flaky pie crust.

Searching the Inter-Net, he found a recipe that said it was fool-proof. The ingredients called for butter, flour and some water.

Carefully following the directions he rolled out his dough and gently laid half of it into a waiting glass pie dish. In went the apples he had prepared and then he smoothed over the pie with his top crust.

The pie baked for the correct amount of time, and it looked browned and delicious as he retrieved it from the oven.

Now it was time to sample the goods. Sadly the knife would not enter the pie crust. Applying some pressure, he was finally able to cut a nice slice.

Horror of all Horrors, but this pie was a disaster. The crust was so tough he was ready to throw out the entire pie.

I told him, that perhaps I could rescue the apples, because the sugar and cinnamon that he had added to them smelled wonderful.

Carefully I lifted the top crust off and discarded it.  Then into a bowl went the apples.

"They will be so lovely for breakfast," I told my dear one.

My husband is not a quitter, so he will attempt another pie crust soon. 

Before long we found a nice easy sounding recipe on  that is made with shortening. 

Honestly I believe the shortening will make a fine pie crust and he is willing to try again.

I am reminded about the tree in the Bible that the grower was going to cut down. Instead the vineyard keeper begged his Master to give it a bit more time.  He would dig around it, apply fertilizer and with tender care he would expect a good harvest for the next year.

Isn’t that the way God is with us when we are not bearing fruit as we should.   Sometimes our heart is hard like that pie crust and we will not allow his voice to penetrate our thinking. 

He patiently allows us a bit more time and lovingly points us in the right direction so that we might produce good Spiritual fruit.

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  1. I hope your husband finds a great crust recipe--you can start enjoying delicious homemade crusts and he can feel that he has conquered that problem. I'm so surprised the butter one turned so hard. I don't know much about crusts--do you? Can you mix them too much and make them tough somehow? I can't imagine anything made with flour could end up so hard!

    You are clever to rescue the apples and serve them as baked apples in a bowl. Great solution.

    We live close to a U-pick apple orchard, about 15 minutes away. I want to go grab enough to make applesauce and apple pies! :)

    Thanks for the story.

    p.s. I have two tiny apple trees growing in my back yard, but they are so tiny, they are like twigs, and haven't gotten old enough to bear fruit. So, we shall see how many years before one of them will produce, and we can pluck its one apple to cut into slices and share.

  2. I applaud your husband's persistence. And your analogy is understood. We must continue and not give up. Our spiritual walk is a marathon and not a sprint.

    Thank you for visiting me at Heart Choices and leaving your comment. I appreciate it.

    Blessings and love,

  3. I love the spiritual application of this post, and I also love that I can completely relate! I wanted to make my own pie crust once--it looked so easy--and while mine had a nice buttery flavor, the crust was extremely thick. I tried again, though, still with butter, and had much better results.

  4. I have experienced a few not so good pie crusts, seems though the apples always are tasty.... Loved your story Hazel ... The quilt one too. Made a quilt for Heidi with 2 inch squares... She hung it on the wall. I thought that was nice. Love to you and Bob, Vicki K

  5. I made a delicious apple pie recently, pastry and all, for the first time. I think a classic pie recipe is a keeper if you find a good one!


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