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Workman’s Compensation Insurance

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Working for an employer who owned a roofing company was a good deal for us.

This boss was also a leak specialist, and taught my husband many secrets on how to fix a leaking roof.

Because my husband was a valuable employee, his boss offered my husband a guaranteed salary even if it rained or there was no work.  God was supplying our need.

His boss always found something for him to do to earn his pay, even if it was working on the boss’s house or his cabin.

One day his boss had some bad news. He told my husband that his jealous son had been complaining to his mother (the boss’s wife) that he wanted the same guaranteed salary that my husband had. This boy was a slacker and hardly worth his pay, but his mother insisted that my husband be replaced, as they could not afford to keep them both.

The boss had another plan. He suggested that my husband apply for his contractor’s license and that he would sub-contract some of his work to us until we built up a cliental.  I told my husband that God was in this, and that I would help him;  I could answer the phone, do the bookkeeping and run errands.

Securing the study books from a friend and a copy of the contractors laws, my husband began to study.

Twice he read the book until it began to make sense. The day that he went for his test, he was the first one to finish. The person in charge asked him to return to his seat and review the questions to see if he was satisfied with his answers. He was happy with his answers so he left.

In due time, we were notified that my husband had passed the examination. Now he could apply for the License. However we needed a truck and after finding an older flat bed truck, we borrowed some money to purchase it and install some racks on it.  God was supplying our need!

True to his word, the former boss did give us some work on consignment. He also allowed us to rent a spot in his yard to store our supplies.  We were in business! 

Placing some small ads in the newspaper they began to bring us our own work. Because we had no employees, my husband could only do installation of asphalt shingles so that is what he did.

Then one day, his cousin needed a job, so hubby hired him to carry the shingles up the ladder and also he began to teach his cousin how to install roofing.  God was supplying our need!

Soon after, my husband’s family moved from Tennessee and his step-dad was an experienced tar and gravel man. Now we needed to purchase a tar kettle, because some jobs were becoming available in an area that had all flat roofs needing tar and gravel.  Then an Uncle was out of work so he became our kettle man.

Bit by bit our business began to come together, and our customers were referring us to their friends.

God was supplying our need!

One day a professional looking man showed up at my door saying that he was from the State of California and that we did not have Workman’s Compensation Insurance.

I told him no, we do not need it, because our workers are not going to get hurt. I told him that I pray for our men, and God keeps them safe.  

I also told him that we were tithers and that we expected God to bless our business and to keep our men safe from harm and accidents.

I asked him if his insurance would keep our men safe from accidents.  He said the insurance was needed if they got hurt.  I argues that we did not expect any of our men to get hurt! 

But you really can't argue with the Government! 

The agent standing at my front door simply stated that since we now have employees, the State requires us to have this insurance. So it was that we complied and obeyed the law.   And I must brag on God because He has always supplied our need.

Even Jesus obeyed the law and paid his taxes!!
Matthew 17:27 "But, lest we give them offense, go to the sea, and throw in a hook, and take the first fish that comes up; and when you open its mouth, you will find a coin. Take that and give it to them for you and Me."

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  1. God leads us one step at a time, doesn't He? I really enjoyed this reminder of the way He works and moves, taking His time with us to guide us to just the right place.



  2. I'm just catching up before I have to go meet someone.Gotta leave in a few minutes - Loved all the other posts about dinner, business etc (prior ones) too

    The one on the business blessed me and reminded me that GOD is always the "go-to" GUY for everything!

  3. I have read the above reviews,Its really nice.Thanks for sharing this marvelous post.


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