Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Brass Bed

Our beautiful blond wooden headboard had served us well over many years. It had survived three young children who had used it to carve their initials here and there.

Naturally no one knew how the carvings got there.

“I can get you a lovely brass bed here in Korea for half price if you would like one,” said my daughter Judie, who was stationed there in Seoul South Korea.

Judie is a shopper just like all my girls, and she had found us “The bed.”

Because she was in the Air Force, she was also able to ship items home for reasonable postage by using the United States Post Office there on her military base.

The order was placed and in weeks our bed arrived. We excitedly opened the box and noted that it was like a jig saw puzzle. There were no instructions, only a picture of what it should look like once it was put together.

Sadly we put the beautiful bed in its box, and tucked it away until our daughter would arrive home after her soon scheduled military transfer back to California.

Judie’s husband was also anxiously awaiting her arrival, because their long distance marriage had been difficult.  Yes, from time to time she had been able to hop a free military flight and visit home, and then she was always scheduled to return back to Korea again.  Now she was coming home for good!!

At Christmas, our son-in-love, volunteered to put the bed together for us. With his engineer mind, he was happy to tackle this brain-teaser and the challenge was a joy for him.

Before you could say “Jack Robinson,” he had put the puzzle together, and we had our bed - - plus a few extra pieces that did not fit anywhere.  However the new bed was gorgeous and we loved it and still do.

Life is like that at times. Some pieces of the puzzle may not always go where you think you need them to fit, but keep working!

Other times, there are long term delays and long distance prayers that take LOTS of time to get answers. Keep praying!

The joy is when you see God’s purpose and His plan was best and you arrive at a beautifully finished product. Keep believing!

At times we do not have all the directions we think we need, but there is a set of guidelines in God’s word that will always prove helpful.

So, keep working, keep praying, and keep believing.

God’s plan is a perfect one and you will understand it all, when it is complete in His time.

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  1. Love the way you wrapped this up and the point you make about waiting because God's plan is the best. Very interesting, indeed!

  2. I love this post. You have shown so beautifully how God's word is the guidebook for our lives and if we but follow it, we will be left with a wonderful finished product. So often we try to assemble things our own way!

  3. Beautiful -- I love the encouraging points you have for all different parts of our journey. So glad your daughter is home...

  4. what a lovely post! I'm visiting from your heart Tuesday,
    Blessings on your day!

  5. Great story. I agree, sometimes we just have to start the process He's calling us to. He will provide the guidance as needed. Trying to know all things is like trying to be God... It just doesn't work, it's all about faith. Nice story.

    Glad to hear your daughter is coming home, I'm thrilled for you and your entire family. I guess that's the best gift of all...

  6. Nice one. I can relate to missing pieces. Some seem to have never arrived, others were lost along the way, and some were simply blown off of me in various hectic times. But I always seem to have what I need to do the Right Thing at the right moment. God is great.
    Randy K

  7. Wonderful story! Enjoyed it. One thing is certain: God's plan is the best and perfect one.

  8. God is the Master to the pieces of puzzle. We are the pieces to the puzzle. Keep working and never give up. Use your gifts for the Glory of God.
    Judy A.

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