Monday, February 4, 2013

Banchero’s Restaurant Hayward, California

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When we lived in the East Bay Area, many a Sunday after church, we took our children to Banchero’s Italian Restaurant in Hayward, California. 
It was a family place owned and operated by Father and Son, with 33 employees.  The son, John began working in the restaurant when he was 13 and learned all aspects of the business.

Many customers enjoyed the take out menu with half a chicken, soup, spaghetti, or ravioli’s.  I know we did on many an occasion.

The restaurant served the bay area delicious Italian food at a reasonable price.  Your meal arrived in courses; Orderves, homemade soup, salad, and your choice of entree, with warm luscious garlic bread.  To complete your meal there was a choice of Jell-O, pudding or spumoni ice cream.  I always selected the spumoni ice cream.  Yum.

The original building was a Quonset hut purchased from the military, and the front was given a face lift for a nice entry.  Many a family gathering enjoyed sitting at their tables. 

Sad to say, the restaurant closed mid 2012.  The owner when interviewed said he desired to retire and spend more time with his family, but there was a real reason for the closure and the loss of 33 jobs for local families.   

The owner would not bend to Government pressure.  He ran a clean and healthy establishment so say all that worked there and the many customers who dined there.

One day armed with an agenda, in came the Health Department, making unreasonable demands,

The Department of Health required new equipment to be installed, and the expensive upgrades they insisted on had to be implemented immediately with NO grace period.   

Owner John was too classy of a man to mention publicly about the attack on his business but thanks to the local Bureaucrats, 33 families lost their income and a fine restaurant was forced to close. 

Small business needs to be encouraged and not plagued down with irrational regulations that force them out of business.

You are probably thinking – What would Jesus do?   Jesus probably would have done the same thing that owner John did - - because we all know - - “You can’t fight City Hall.”

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  1. Hi Hazel,
    It is sad to lose a favorite place to eat, and even more sad for the employees and John to lose their jobs.

  2. How sad AND frustrating! Here in the Philippines, we sometimes have the same problems! People in the City Hall have no idea how hard it is to run a business and make all sorts of absurd demands upon business owneres, when they should be helping them because it is our taxes that pay their salaries and make our nation progress!!! :^)patsy

  3. I always get very nostalgic when I hear of places I used to dine or visit and are now gone. I totally could relate to your story.

  4. Hi Hazel
    Oh, this is such a sad story! In South Africa where I live, we experience
    a very high percentage of unemployment and due to a series of violent mine strikes, some of the mines are also closing down and thousands are going to lose their jobs. When I look at the world, I can only say," Come Lord Jesus, come"! Nice meeting you at Laura's. this was the first time I linked-up.
    Much love

  5. It breaks my heart to see an independent and hard working group of people throw in the towel. Everyday in business is a fight... As determined as I once was... I can see where the fight just runs out a person... Pardon my language, Hazel, but it's damned sad...

  6. It breaks my heart when a group of hardworking and independent people throw in the towel. The people that should be encouraging independence are the ones happy to impose their insecurity and temporary will over them.

    Everyday in business is a fight. A daily battle with liars, crooks, and thieves... As determined as I once was, I can see where the fight just runs out of a person...

  7. Government is definitely not the answer. I guessed the ending on this post. Sad is what I've been feeling these past four years. Sometimes I don't even recognize America anymore. Amazing the amount of small businesses that shut down around here too.

  8. that is too bad...for everyone! who really wins in this situation? no one. our government today wants to control every aspect of our lives...down to the amount of soda a person can drink!

  9. Your description reminds me of a little Italian restaurant we have in Charleston. We would be heartbroken around here if Fazio's closed. How sad for all those families (and their tummies).


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