Friday, February 8, 2013

Choosing a Cause

Hug a Tree Cause ??

As a newly married young woman, I worked at Montgomery Ward in their catalogue department.

My job with adding and subtracting amounts in my head and dividing up the order by our local store and other stores in cities where the rest of the customer’s purchase would be shipped.

After I had worked there a few weeks, my supervisor came to me and informed me that it was expected that I contribute to the organization that was handling charity for our area.

Each employee was not required, but was expected to select a cause or give to the general fund where it would go to where most needed.

Looking over the list, I found Salvation Army and decided that would be my cause so I pledged one dollar each week from my pay.  I was earning less than a dollar an hour so in those days a dollar was a nice amount.

My supervisor was pleased as she had obtained a pledge from all her girls in her department.

Today there are many “Good Causes,” but it pays to be careful and deliberate when we give.  Are we feathering the nest of the big CEO who heads an organization?  Is the group a scam and not really sending your funds to where they said they would? 

My monthly missions giving list is long and each missionary has a different agenda. 

I do not call these causes, but ministries and I enjoy being a part of them.   

At year end I give an annual gift to a variety of military groups and toys for children.

You might ask how I can give to so many and still tithe to my church?  The answer was simple for me, and you must discover your own method. 

When a group of us retired from my job of 10 years, we were given a “Golden Hand Shake.”  It is a monthly amount that is in addition to my retirement check.  I decided the Golden amount was a gift from God, so I chose to give it back to God in the form of partial support to a variety of ministries.  Usually I add to it from my pension.

It works for me and I do not seek another cause.

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  1. How and what a person gives reveals the truth and reality of their heart I think. Not surprised that you have the proper perspective, Hazel and hearing how you live your life is an encouragement to any who hear or read. It all belongs to God... The world thinks they make what belongs to them. It is God that causes or allows all things and this subject of money is no different. I've been through some tough times, but never lost the truth of that and God has taught me and pulled me through.

    My mom taught us as small children, "We don't give to get, but you can't out give God." That is part of my heritage...

  2. Whether money, food, time, energy, or giving any way the Lord drops on us is what we both love to do. We can't give as much financially with Dave's big job change, but we can do whatever the Lord drops on our daily plates.

    Good thinking on your part. Having the right to choose is good. And arranging the giving. What made me refuse at one of my last jobs was we were being forced to give to United Way. Either give with money being reduced from our checks or not be nice and refuse. I refused. Some of the money went to good organizations [Salvation Army, for instance], but some went to bad ones such as Planned Parenthood. I refused. Got in trouble, b/c the supervisor would be in trouble. BUT "NO!!" Can only give what will touch the right hearts for the right reason.

    Also sometimes know the percentages that go to the CEOs, etc. Two of our favorites are Mercy Corps and Open Doors... gets so much out and about through the world helping people in need. Our bits and pieces can help.

    Obviously, you got my mind buzzing with your post. Thanks.


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