Thursday, February 7, 2013

Take a Walk – Even a Short One

Taking a Short Walk

One of my friends entered a splendid post at “Tell me a Story.” 

She listed 20 ways NOT to Waste Time.  I loved it!

I thought it was so awesome and interesting that I decided to make a comment and add one more suggestion as to another good thing that is “Not a waste of time.”

So I suggested  - - "Take a walk" even a short one. 

My two Black Labs love to stay in the house as long as they are near either me or my husband, Robert.  

Since I had been at my computer for a long while, I needed a walk, and so did my pups.   

They watched me carefully as I pulled my sweater on, and were ready to go even if it was only out to the mail box, and then once around the mobile.   Our Blue Tick Hound joined us for our walk.

To add productivity to my walk, I usually pick up sticks and small branches that have fallen off the oak trees, and carry them to a burn pile. 

All of a sudden my dogs rushed to the front fence for there they spied a lady walking her large dog.  Not only did they observe, they also let them know vociferously, this is our place so please go away. 

Our neighbor dogs picked up the cue, and continued the message LOUD and clear. 

With all that exciting activity over and done, they were ready for me to fill their favorite water bowl which is a "Plastic Swim pool," where they prefer to drink, and then follow me back into the house. 

I feel better now after a constructive walk, for me and for them. 

The Bible says, 1 Timothy 4:8 For bodily exercise profits little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.

Notice it does not say exercise does not profit at all – but it does a little.

So here you have it - -  A Little walk is good !  :-)

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  1. Wonderful walk with the dogs:) they are funny.
    Have a nice day hazel:)

  2. It is the smallest of things taken for granted that are some of our greatest gifts. Couldn't agree more...

  3. {key word being 'little' - such as don't make myself so sore i can't walk the next day??!!}
    I enjoyed this - thank you!

  4. I like a short walk too Hazel. In younger times I would work from early morning till bedtime. As I got older it became harder and harder to work those hours... I felt bad if I couldn't help or do. God has given me peace about this now. I couldn't just not care and sit without caring...God blessed me with a desire to knit or sew... By doing this I feel I'm still giving to others. Vicki K

  5. Glad you have such protection. AND that the "walker-byers" get the drift. You made me grin when "seeing" your dogs.


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