Monday, February 25, 2013

Obscene Phone Call

Phone Call
We had been attending classes each morning at our Bible College, and were busy studying most afternoons.  The days and nights were full of activity and excitement.

Once a month there was a week of special services in the afternoon and evenings and Robert and I had volunteered to work in the prayer room. 

This meant we would get home late after praying with those who had come forward for Salvation or to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

By evening we were tired and sleep was to be welcomed.

One night about 2:00 AM our telephone rang and I grabbed it quickly hoping it had not awakened Robert.  “Hello,” I said.  There was silence on the other end and heavy breathing.

“Hello,” I repeated, but all I heard was the heavy breathing.  In exasperation, I said, “It is late so please go to bed and get some sleep.” Then I hung up the phone.

“Who was that?” asked Robert.  I told him it was a prank call and no one had said anything, except me.

The next night around the same time, the phone rang again.  This time, I told Robert that it was his turn to answer the phone, which he did.

Robert hoped to scare the living daylights out of the person, so he told him, “We have a trace on this phone and will know who you are in three minutes, so I suggest you hang up and never call us again.”   Robert heard a click and decided that took care of it and it did.

No we did not have a tracer on our phone, but Robert used a trick to trick the person trying to trick us. 

I prayed that whoever the person was that he would recover himself from what ever was driving him to make such calls.

Are you ever aroused from sleep in the middle of the night, not by the telephone, but perhaps God is calling you to pray for someone in particular. 

It might not be a long prayer, but do heed the call, because you will know the call is from God asking you to pray, and he trusts you to follow his leading.

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  1. Huh, I can't believe people really do that with phone calls. Get a life, right?

  2. That's one thing technology has fixed! I do wake often in the night and make it a habit of praying. The Father's will should be the first thing on our minds... Good call! (pun intended!)

  3. Used to get calls like that, and I'd hang up. However, my friend, Susie, sometimes spent a long time talking to them and planting seed of the Lord into them. Sometimes she wondered if it was the right thing to do ... she had no way to protect herself, b/c of her paralysis ... but she truly wanted to not just show anger and make them feel like they had "won" their game.

    I don't answer the phone unless I recognize the number now. AND I'm pleased we have that now a real possibility. [Susie still doesn't have that. I sometimes am concerned about her, since she less protection from people -- NOT from the Lord -- than before.]

    Thanks for sharing the Lord's prayer portion, too. Needed that.

  4. It is no fun to be awakened by any call at 2am, let alone a prank call of this kind. I'm glad Robert was able to deter those pranksters from calling back. I have had times when The Lord has awakened me in the middle of the night to pray. These are sweet, sweet times--even if tiring.


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