Saturday, February 9, 2013

Others Who Are Different

Children of the World
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Our grammar school principal came into our third grade room and explained we would have a new boy in our class tomorrow. 

He told us, this boy is smart and the only difference in him and you is that he has only one arm that is missing at the elbow.  He instructed us that we were NOT to make fun of the boy, but to treat him as we would any other person. 

Our principal was a God fearing man and very wise, because had he not given us that presentation, no doubt the meanness in some of us might have taken over.

The boy arrived riding his bicycle to school, with his brown paper lunch sack pinned to his shirt.  He was a happy lad, and his grades were good.  He could throw a ball and was able to use his partial arm to play games with the other boys and to assist him in the school activities.

We have known many friends who have overcome what to us would be a handicap.

I am reminded of our good friend, an evangelist, who was born with his left hand smaller than the other, and with only three tiny fingers.  Yet he learned to play the piano, and is mightily used of God in his preaching ministry. 

In an unusual presentation, our friend operates in the ministry of a prophet, with the Holy Spirit gift the Word of Knowledge.  He is an anointed minister who challenges pastors and leaders to move out into the Supernatural and to allow God to use them in bold and powerful ways.  He did not permit being a bit physically different to handicap him in any manner.

Amazing isn’t it that we are all diverse in certain ways, but in other ways we are similar.

God only sees us as his child and knows each of us by name.

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  1. Nice inspirational story that I can relate. Bless your heart Hazel.

  2. I'm always fascinated by the way God allows a weakness to become the catalyst for a strength that comes from the reliance on Him. It matters not how strong we are, it is only the strength of God that can amount to a force through Him to change the world.

    Great story, Hazel. And thanks for the mention.

  3. I LOVE THIS!! We are all diverse yet we are all similar in so many ways like you say. We all laugh, cry, hope, fear, and love.

  4. I so agree with this. Am reading more and more lately in the Word that deals with the fact that our lives might arrive perfectly, but they won't usually go to Heaven while still perfect. DUH!! Dealing with our bodies is sometimes our most difficult days. I just know the Lord will use me until there ain't no more usefulness. I often think of Corrie ten Boom. In the biology about her by her caregiver, the lady who traveled with her for several years, it was said that the last 5 years she had several strokes, spent most of the time in bed, later in one room, one house in California. People would come to see her and could "feel" the Holy Spirit in that room and would simply ask her to pray. She sometimes couldn't speak, but they knew she was lifting them to the Lord. I often think that if she could be used that specifically, even with her serious physical issues, I shouldn't be complaining because I can't walk fast enough, write fast enough, think quickly enough, and protect or direct others.

    So your sharing issue was very good. Very true.


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