Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Great Exchange

Gift Exchange
My mother always told me, “You are the oldest so you must be a good example for others as they are watching you!”

Such a burden placed upon a person to be so proper - - always needing to be GOOD or act just so, because others are looking at you.

I must say that at times, I was not always the best example, but I tried. Even ‘trying’ is also difficult!

Sweating and striving to be that perfect one, simply makes a person worn out and tired. Along with it brings stress and that burned-out feeling.

Some days you just want to say - - - “I just cannot do it! - -

I am finished with always 'TRYING' to be good, and to be that perfect good example!!”

Well, there you go! That is the answer! YOU simply cannot be the perfect example by your own self effort.

The day I realized this truth, Jesus spoke to me, and said, “Let Me live through YOU. Give Me your life, and I will give you mine.” Now that seemed like the perfect exchange, so I went for it!

It was almost like being born again. –  Then I told the Lord - -

“Take My life and let it be wholly yours, and I will allow you to live your life through me.”

That simple confession caused me to be free from the burden of trying, and proving, and living UP TO what God, and others expected of me.

Jesus is IN the Father, and the Father is IN Jesus. I am IN Jesus and He is IN me!

Wow! That analogy takes some thoughtful consideration.  Why didn’t I see it before?

Free and easy is my life now. I allow Jesus to live through me, and He takes all the WORK out of living. I am so thankful for this wonderful and freely given, "Great Exchange!"

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  1. Hazel, it seems like so many of us in the faith jam are on the same page today! Yes, this is the most amazing thing we can do. Give Jesus our life and receive all of Him instead. He is so good to us. We don't deserve it, but He gives freely. I'm trying to make that exchange fully again every day and no longer live on my own strength.

  2. Awesome post, Hazel. I agree; the people who act like they're supposed to always get exposed for the act... There is only the power of God in us to live above the stress and brokenness of this fallen world. Good reminder today. Thanks.

  3. Hazel, what a blessing this post and your comment on one of my other blogs was. I keep going back and forth in this struggle - give it all to Jesus and then taking it back and trying to do it myself which NEVER works. He is using your words to encourage me today. Thank you and may you be blessed.

  4. Hazel, God has used this post and the comment you left on one of my older blogs to really speak to my heart today. I feel like I keep getting stuck in this place of giving it all to Him and then taking it back which always results in losing my clarity and focus. He is using you to remind me that He alone is enough and I must put my trust only in Him. Thank you and may you be blessed.

  5. My comment keeps getting erased - not sure why or what to do.

    1. Sorry they seemed to be erased, actually they were waiting for me to approve and publish them. Your comments were much appreciated.


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