Saturday, February 16, 2013

Up in the Air Again

Small airplane

Two brothers, Roy and Virgil had inherited a large house and ranch from their parents and since they were both bachelors they decided to run the ranch together. 

For additional income they each had other jobs working as carpenters, and Virgil did some crop dusting.

Roy attended the same church as my Grandparents, and when my aunt Edna returned home from Bible school, she lived with Grandma and Grandpa.

As time went by, Roy became interested in Edna as a wife, and when they married, Edna moved into the big house with the two brothers. 

Uncle Virgil had a large area upstairs that they as carpenters had made into separate quarters for him.  It was away from the rest of the house with an inside stairway plus a private outside entrance.

They were a family and meals were shared in the large kitchen, as well as the evening news and newspapers. 

When the children came along, Uncle Virgil became like a second dad to them.  Virgil remained a bachelor, but he had an interesting hobby, flying his small airplane.

Usually on our visits to Grandma, we would enjoy a nice dinner at Edna’s place.  On one of these visits, Uncle Virgil asked me if I would like to go up in the air with him and fly his airplane.

Mother gave her permission and as a 12 year old I was thrilled.
Virgil explained that he would do the take off, and would land the plane, but once in the air, he would give me the controls.  Turn the wheel slowly right or left for a turn, and pull up on the wheel to go higher, and push down to level off.

The surrounding area was orange orchards and olive trees, and from the air they were in lovely patterns.  This was my first airplane ride and everything below was so beautiful.

We flew over some houses and over the town where they lived.  I hoped my mother could see me now.

When we arrived back at the ranch, I told my mother, when I get old enough I will buy me a plane, because that was lots of fun.

No, I never bought me an airplane as other things became more important.

But hopes and dreams kept alive, will keep us alive.

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  1. I too got to go on a plane ride as a child in my dad's bosses plane. Years later I flew and took lessons in my brother's small plane. When it came time for me to go up alone... I never went back... Guess I wanted to continue to dream on the ground... Love the story, Hazel. We always trigger one another's memories. I'd forgotten about flying that airplane... Thanks.

  2. This has to be one of my favorite posts! And on top of thats its also very helpful topic for newbies. Thanks a lot for informative information!


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