Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trust Me

Looking for a way to earn some extra money; my husband decided to purchase a used pick-up truck so he could do odd jobs.

He shopped and compared prices and finally decided on a used truck that was in excellent condition. The car dealer was having it checked out, and we had not yet taken delivery.

A few days later around noon time, my door bell rang. When I opened the door, it was the car salesman, who I recognized as the person who had sold us the truck.

In his hand he held a contract and a pen, and asked if my husband was home. Naturally my husband was at work, he was not available and I told the salesman so.

The salesman suggested that I could sign the contract for my husband. I hesitated mostly because the contract was blank. I told him of my uncertainty to sign a blank document because it was not filled in. He explained that the girl at the office would type it in as soon as he returned and all he needed was a signature.

“Trust me,” he said, as he offered me the pen. I was young and gullible, so I took the pen and scribbled my husbands name to the paper. The Salesman was happy, and he left.

A few days later, a payment book arrived in the mail and as I inspected it, I realized something was not right. I told me husband that the amount was not what we had agreed to pay for the truck and instead a much larger amount was due.

My husband made a quick trip to the dealership and asked for the manager. He tried to control his temper, but he told the manager that in no uncertain terms, we were not going to pay what we were now being charged. The manager smirked and went to his filing cabinet and pulled out the contract, and holding it out to my husband, he said, “Is this your signature?”

My husband emphatically told him, “NO it is NOT.”

To make a long story short, we eventually took delivery of the truck, and a new and better payment book, after they received a bonafied signature on a new contract.

Perhaps you have learned to hesitate when someone says to you, “Trust me.”

I certainly have! I also have become skilled at researching things out and may I suggest that you do so also.

Spiritually we should be aware that it was Satan that told Eve to “Trust me.”

If someone tells you a “new truth,” it would be a good idea to search it out in the Bible to be certain it lines up with Scripture.

When we do our research into the Word of God, we discover His truth revealed as it is written there, a Word that we can always trust.

God is the one who is always Trustworthy.  When God says," Trust ME," we can take it to the bank!

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  1. Good story--I'm glad you were able to get a correct contract for the truck. I agree with your recommendation to do research when making a purchase or decision. And so true, the Bible is God's word. We can trust it.

  2. Hi Hazel, I'm stopping over from Faith Jam Thursday (making a belated visit!). This is such a unique take on the prompt, and I'd never made the connection before that Satan was the one who said "trust me" to Eve. Such a good note to remember! Yes, we always need to compare it to the One who we can trust!


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