Monday, November 15, 2010

Little Things Cause me to be Grateful

Some silly little things still give me a thrill, for instance when I finally balance my check book, or observing the flowers I planted peek through, and begin to bud and bloom.

From the sun rise, to the sun set, viewing the moon and the stars, the first gentle rain, a babies smile, the smell of fresh bread baking are things that cause me to be thankful.

My husband still enchantments me as I see him each day. He remains to me as the 20 year old man that I married many years ago, with only a few physical changes here and there.

I especially enjoy my dogs as they play, and they beg me to join in with a game of fetch.

Working at my computer is of great satisfaction to me and to relax, I benefit from some of the online games, because they cause me to think and to exercise my mind.

Finding a genuine bargain, if at a local store, online, or at a yard sale is exciting to me. I am reminded to say “Thank you Lord, for all of your blessings, large or small.”

It is also good to verbally share with others how much you love and appreciate them. Your voice of affection will cause them to be happy! Finding contentment and satisfaction in our work, rejoicing in our friends and family brings health to our bones!

Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart does good like a medicine: but a broken spirit dries the bones.

Lest I forget, there is one more thing that delights and makes me happy, and that is when you lead a person in the sinner’s prayer, and they receive Jesus into their heart. Vicariously you experience their spark of new life and it is almost like you yourself are being born again at the same time as they encounter God.

Yes, serving Jesus makes me happy, and He brings me joy and gratitude in my day.

Psalms 144:15 Happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.

Entered into the “One Word at a Time Carnival.” The Word is: Gratitude.
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  1. So many thigns to be grateful for. We should take time each day to recognize them. Good post.

  2. Perfect! We so often go looking for the big things. But their arrival in our lives is infrequent. How much more grateful we will be—how much more joyful!—when we go looking for the many smaller blessings, which make a much larger whole. :D

  3. Little things thrill me, too. I love your list. And yes, it is also good to say it out loud when we are thankful. And yes, being born again is the greatest gift of all! Thanks for sharing today.

  4. Small blessings, great happiness. Thank you for sharing your joys.

  5. So many things to be grateful for when we take the time to see them.

  6. Amen! Great list... so much to be thankful for!

  7. You pointed out the wonderful "everydayness" of some of our gratefulness. Sometimes we take so much of that for granted... and simply don't realize how very blessed we are to have those wonderful elements in our everyday lives. [In may case, a wonderful husband, a good time playing the "thought-producing" games, seeing plants blossom indoors and out... life's wonderful basics.]

    Thanks for sharing.


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