Monday, November 15, 2010

Absolutely NONE

One of my former Pastors thought I was too assertive, and at one time he told me I was rebellious.

I believe this was because, each time he finished his Sunday sermon, and he shook hands with members as we left, I would give him something else to think about on his subject. He would retreat to his study books and come out usually glowing, and sometimes growling.

One mother’s day, he preached about women in the Bible, and according to what he implied, he forcefully put women in their PLACE. As I left that day and shook his hand, I told him that I could hardly wait for Father’s day to see what he would come up to set all the men down. It was about that time he said I was rebellious.

One morning after our women’s missionary meeting, I sat in his office with him and his wife, and he asked me if I ever had doubts that I might not make it into heaven.

I sat up straight, looked him in the eye, and with an emphatic voice, I told him, “No doubts, absolutely NONE!”

Puzzled a bit, but I wondered; why would he ask me such a question unless he had doubts about his own salvation?

I honestly believe he read more books and study books instead of the Bible, and he wondered if he sinned every day like some say we all do.

If you read your Bible, and study along as you are reading it, you will discover that if you are walking in the Light of His Word, then you do not have to worry that you need to balance short accounts at the end of the day. Keep your mind on the Lord, and your feet planted and there is no need to sin each day as some say we all do.

There is a song that says, I have decided to follow Jesus, NO turning back.

Once you have made that quality decision, your job is to stay on track, and not make provision to fall away. If you do fall and you realize it, then quickly get up repent and go on. Don’t wait for night to do your catching up!

God’s part is to keep you safe in His hand, and to provide you with daily instructions from the Holy Spirit.

Listen to that still small voice and obey. Then you will be able to say with me - - -

I have NO doubts that I will make it in. I have No fears - - No doubts - - Absolutely NONE.

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  1. Well, just...Amen, Hazel. I feel this way too. Why wouldn't I? I know I'm not perfect, but, wow...He is everything to me. Love your confidence. It makes me smile.


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