Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No Mom Does Not Speak Spanish

Visiting my mother at her Assisted Living care Home, is often an experience that seems futile.

Some visits Mother speaks fluently saying such things as “Your hands are so cold, let me pray for you.” Other times, her speech is mumbled and not recognizable. She seems to float in and out of reality, most days not certain who I am, or who is her grandchild that I bring with me.

One day, my daughter and I took with us some old photo albums and positioned my mother with us at a table in a quiet spot. I turned each page, repeating the names of the persons in view. She was very interested in each photo, but she said, not a word. When we finished she spoke the words, “Love shown,” and repeated the words again. We were thankful that she appreciated the love that we had shone and let shine on her that day.

As we were ready to leave, one of the aides asked me if my mother spoke Spanish?

I told her, no, my mother only speaks English. The young care giver said, “When Mrs. Bermudez was here with the music, she prayed with your mother and I thought they were both speaking Spanish.”

Hiding a smile, I explained, “Oh no, that wasn’t Spanish, it was their prayer language.” They were speaking directly to God about his will.”

I continued to explain; “The Holy Spirit will give Christians a prayer language when they are Baptized in the Holy Spirit. This praying is in sort of a secret code direct to God, and no one else knows what they are saying, and especially the devil does not have a clue.”

The second helper who was standing by, spoke up, “I know about that, because they do that at my Church.”

I was so blessed to know that this Assisted Living Home is filled with Christian helpers who give loving and kind care to my mother and to the other residents.

I was also blessed to know that there are still Churches and Christians who pray in the Holy Ghost prayer language, for this is a blessing that all may receive.

Yes, there is MORE in the Christian life that many are not aware of, and some do not accept. Studying the Bible especially in the book of Acts will reveal that this gift is one that is for all believers who will seek for it.

Paul said in Corinthians; that he spoke in tongues more than you all, and he continued by saying, do not forbid to speak in tongues for there is power in this type of praying.

Jude 1:20 But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost - - -

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