Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jail – Do not Pass Go

For many years, my mother’s mom and dad traveled each Sunday to the local jail to minister. The men looked forward to the visits by my grandparents who showered them with the Love of the Lord, and shared scriptures from the Bible with them.

Grandma’s sermon was simple: “Get rid of Self and put Jesus there instead.”

I never understood her message until years later, when I realized she meant the “To get rid of the old sinful man, and receive the new creation.” Jesus was always her answer to every problem.

Grandma told me to always love the sinner, and only to hate the sin, and she put that into practice.

My husband went with my grandparents a few times to the jail, but he did not like the gates that opened, clanged shut and locked as they passed from one area to another.  He told me that he could see in the eyes of the prisoner’s only glaring hate. There were no friends there in that prison.

There was no escape from that jail until the prisoner’s sentence was completed, and they were released.

As I think about sinners who do not accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, I am not considering only people in jail. Instead I refer to average persons, friends and neighbors, who will be locked away in Hell where there is no escape if they fail to receive Jesus.

One day I talked to a loud mouthed young man, and he told me he wanted to go to hell, because all his friends would be there. Can you consider how stupid that answer was?

I told him in Hell, no one is your friend, and those he once knew would be cursing him for not telling them about Jesus the only Way to Heaven.

We have no idea of the torments that await those without Jesus, but the other choice is so simple and that is to avoid Hell, by asking Jesus into your heart.

If hell was only a small cage where a person was locked up in total darkness for eternity, that would be bad enough, but it will be much worse than that. Hell will not be a big party!

Some would say, ‘How can a Loving God send persons to Hell?”

The answer to that question is simple too. Because He is a Loving God, He sent his only Son to die in our place, so that our sins could be forgiven and we could make Heaven our eternal home.

We have a choice and we can choose now to receive His life. 
Come into my Heart Lord Jesus.

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