Monday, May 13, 2013


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Bargains, discount price and the word FREE light up my life.  Therein lays my weakness. 

Many years ago, I received in the mail a letter that promised an easy way to make me a millionaire.  YES !!

All I had to do was send a dollar to the top name on the list along with a recipe, remove the top name and move the other two names up and place my name on the bottom. 
Then make 100 copies and send them off to friends and family, or purchase a mail list here.

I purchased the mail list and did as I was asked to do.  Soon I began to receive dollar bills in the mail.  Oh what fun?  My weakness increased - - more - - more!

Also in with some of the dollars there were other offers similar to the recipe letter. 
Soon I created my own mail list of people who were gullible like me and would go for these "Get rich schemes." 

Just like blogging, it took awhile, but soon I had a following. 
The offers were no longer one dollar but became much larger investments, and more expensive products in multi-level.  I wasn’t making money, but someone was!!

Diligently I worked for several years hoping to catch the golden ring, 

Yes, I probably made a few dollars, but honestly, my expenses in postage and unwanted products outweighed my profits.

It was my weakness to believe what looked like a sure thing.

I discovered much later that I had been scammed.  I had been lied to by the experts!!

When I finally came to my senses, I made myself a vow to never again become involved in any thing that looked or smelled like a chain letter, party plan or multi-level. 

Not even a “Special Blogger Award Button,” that requested me to do a list of things.

Today I choose NOT to accept the beautiful award buttons that have been offered to me by many of my blogger friends. 

The reason is because the button asks me to share seven or eleven things about myself, and to pass on the lovely award to seven or eleven other bloggers requesting them to do likewise in a chain effect.
Perhaps I have left some sweet ladies with hurt feelings when I try to be polite as I refuse their “gift.”  I hope no one has ever been offended by my decision.

I trust they will understand that this is a personal thing with me, and I refuse to feed my weakness in this manner. 
Instead I will use my weakness to go bargain shopping on E-Bay!!  (Smile)

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  1. I love your transparency, Hazel! There's no need to fake when we are in Christ! Because Christ is our strength in weakness.
    Thank you for linking up this week. I appreciate you. Big Blessings!

  2. I completely appreciate your honesty, Hazel. I'm like you. If it sounds too good to be true... it usually is on this earth. The gift from our Father of eternal life is the only thing on this planet that can deliver that truth... and He holds the cosmos in His hand...

  3. How many times have we been trapped by the "sure thing?" SO glad you shared your heart with us today, Hazel.

  4. Thank you for sharing your heart with us today. I remember as a really new blogger I was thrilled to get one of those awards - it meant someone other than my mother, was reading what I wrote. Now I just thank the presenter for thinking of me.


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