Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Bewitching Hour

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Mother and Baby
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Every night at 3:00 in the morning, my youngest child, just a baby would wake up crying.

Jumping up quickly so as not to disturb my husband and the other children; I would rush to her crib and check on her. 

Nothing seemed to be wrong, so cuddling her for a moment and returning her to the crib, I would then go back to bed.

This continued night after night, and it was wearing me out, let alone disturbing my husbands rest.

It seemed strange that this was happening at about the same time each night. 

I wondered if she was being pinched by the devil or one of his imps to make her cry out at this odd hour.

One day a plausible reason came to me as the Television was turned on to a family channel, and Dr Spock was speaking. 
Now I was not a follower of the good Doctor, but he was addressing a subject that was dear to my heart. 
“What to do when a child awakes continually each night and cries.”

He explained that the mother might have recently left the child for perhaps even a good reason; such as going to work and leaving the child with a sitter. 

During the night the child remembers that the last time they cried, mommy came and comforted them, so they subconsciously decide to call again for her soothing touch.

This began to make sense to me and I could understand because, sometime back I had gone to work for exactly one week.  It was soon after that the nightly crying began.

“The cure is simple,” Doctor Spoke continued. “When your baby cries, do not rush in to their room.  Instead wait, even if it is for five minutes and allow the child to cry. 

It won’t be long," he assured us mothers.  “Then quietly go into the child’s room, and check to make sure the blankets are in place and then return to your own bed.”

That very night, I had to fight the urge to run to my crying child, but instead I lay in my bed and waited. 

She only cried for a bit, and when the crying ceased, I then got up and checked to make sure she was covered up.  That was the end of the nightly crying. 

“Thank you Dr. Spock.”

As Christians, are you ever wakened in the middle of the night by cries of lost sinners needing the loving arms of Jesus. 

Just begin to pray that God will send those to work in the fields for they are ripe unto harvest. 

It might be an emergency situation for a loved one.  

Yes, go ahead and pray as the Holy spirit leads you, because it is then that you are praying according to God’s will. 
God will send the angels to rescue those needing his touch, even in the middle of the night.

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  1. Loved this! We really are like children crying out constantly to have our prayers answered. Thanks, this reminded me to be patient and wait. He knows best.

  2. Longing for spiritual comfort.... Some things never change... It is our prayer and the constant hand of our Father to gently remind us that He is the one that rocks the cradle and the world... Good thoughts, Hazel.


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