Thursday, May 30, 2013

Are you Shy?

As a young child in school, my face would turn beet red when ever I was called on by the teacher. 

I respected adult leadership almost to the point of being afraid to speak out.

My shyness extended into High School, and I wanted an A in Geometry, but my teacher informed the class that she only gave A's to those who would raise their hands and explain the answer to the problem we had that day. 

I did my best, but in her opinion it was not good enough, and she gave me a B+ on my report card. 

The next day, I called my teacher to my desk and quietly but outright told her that I deserved an A and she was in error to give me less.  For “shy me” that was risky business.

As far as I knew, no one else complained, but my words flustered her a bit.  She told me to speak up more which I did, and at the end of the semester she relented and gave me an A as my final grade.

I have outgrown my shyness, and with God’s help I am no longer afraid to speak out,

Usually I have found it best to delay and not to speak in haste or in anger.  Often I wait until God says, NOW, usually the next day.  While waiting I ask our Lord, what exactly should I say?

The Holy Spirit begins to formulate a plan of words and when I follow the script that He gives to me, and there is no offence.

One Sunday a month I share one of my stories with a message at my church, and I aim to express them as I am led.   Last Sunday, my story may have been considered unusual to some, but as I finished all I could see were smiles.

My hope is that the needed words are heard and received in their spirit.

If you are shy, just ask God, “What do I say next?” 
He will give you "His words" to say.

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  1. I never imagined you to be shy! Isn't it interesting that often the things we're weak in, God turns completely around to make them our strengths? I find that fascinating. Thanks for allowing your tongue to wait and honor our Father, Hazel.


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