Sunday, May 12, 2013

Not Up - - But Out

Pastor Jerry ministered, on Ascension Sunday, regarding 40 days prior to Jesus returning to His Father. 
The number 40 was important to the Jewish people. 40 days Moses was on the mountain.  They wandered in the wilderness for 40 years.  Jesus showed himself alive for a period of 40 days.

John 17:20-26 Jesus prayed not just for his followers, but for those who would believe by receiving their word.  His prayer included you and me.

For days, Jesus had been preparing his disciples about his death and resurrection, and they still did not understand.  When Jesus was crucified, they almost gave UP.  But they were not counted OUT.  There were still options open to them. 

In three days, their fears were relieved as they realized that Jesus was truly alive. 

Luke 24: 44-53 Jesus began to show his followers, prophesies from the scriptures about his death and resurrection, and to open their understanding.

He wanted them to know there was no need to give UP, but He would make a way OUT.

For many days after his resurrection, and prior to His ascension, Jesus opened up the Old Testament scriptures and explained how He had fulfilled many of them. 
On the day of Pentecost Peter would explain even more of the Old Testament prophesies regarding the Holy Spirit.

There was more that would be available to them, and that was power to be witnesses and to be able to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

Tarry in Jerusalem until the Holy Ghost ascends upon you, were Jesus final words. 

WAIT for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that would endue them with an anointing to go OUT and preach the Gospel.

Jesus was going UP in a cloud and they were not at this time going up with Him.  Prior to his death, he had given them a declaration to preach, teach, heal and do miracles, but there was spiritually more. 

They were to wait until the power fell, and that is what they did. 

Returning to Jerusalem, they rejoiced in all they had seen and heard and were continually in the temple praising God and waiting.

Today we may have been hit with doubts, fears, questions, but we are not giving UP. 
We are not DOWN for the count.  There is always an option for us and God by His Holy Spirit will direct our path toward the proper choice.  We are sent to carry OUT his gospel of good news.

Perhaps we need to find a quiet place and WAIT for the refreshing of the precious Holy Spirit to renew and refill our parched spirit.

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  1. That waiting, that refilling of our parched spirit, is always worth hoping for. Thanks for the encouragement, Hazel.

  2. I don't always get to join you on Tuesdays but I enjoy your stories each time. Nominated you for an award. Check it out at

  3. Excellent point. We run to and fro fulfilling our responsibilities in our flesh and missing out on the super natural power and peace from God. This is a good reminder to seek and wait on Him... and proceed in the power and shadow of His hand...

  4. As I'm reading blog posts today I hear a common theme echoing in my heart...don't give up!
    Thank you!

  5. Hazel, I'm so glad I "happened" upon this post. God is really speaking to me through it. I have been in a holding pattern for quite a long time, and growing impatient with that on the one hand, yet ready to "give UP" on the other. Seems He has a bit more waiting for me to do--waiting for Him to fill fuller with His Spirit, to open the Red Sea and to knock down the walls like Jericho's. In His time. But I have every confidence right now that those things He will do. Thank you for being His agent by sharing this.


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