Friday, May 31, 2013

Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts
It had been two months since my husband’s initial examination by the Oral Surgeon, and we were still waiting for a phone call to schedule an appointment for the surgery.

Our town is growing, but there are some things we still lack, so the specialist in Chico has set up a second office here, and he comes once a week to service local clients. 

There was one important event that we did not know and were soon to discover.

We had been busy with other things, and finally my stressed out husband decided something was wrong.  Why were they waiting so long to contact us?

Husband sent me to his regular dentist to ask some questions.  The nice receptionist made a phone call to the specialist and he indicated that the HMO reports were late and to blame for the delay. 

To make a long story short, we received a phone call to come in early the next morning for surgery.

Now we were having second thoughts, “Is there an option?”  But there seemed not to be one.

Leaving in plenty of time to arrive for the appointment, we discovered a long line of cars and signs of road work ahead.  Nothing was moving and my phone had no service with mountains on each side of us.

Soon traffic came in the opposite direction with a pickup truck as the leader.  Our lane did not move.  “Oh NO we will be late,” we figured.

Not long after, our lane moved a bit, and we were on our way to the dental office where we remembered it to be.

Would you believe it - - the door was locked and there seemed to not be anyone there.

My husband decided we must have turned into the wrong complex, so off we went in search of the dental office.  At each turn we realized this was not it.

I tried to make a telephone call, but it was a wrong number!

So back we went to the first building, and asked an adjoining business where our Surgeon was. 
Quickly directions were given to a new office, where the firm had moved during the two months delay in scheduling us.  

“There it is,” said my husband as he quickly stepped out of our van and almost ran to the door.  He entered and allowed the door to shut behind him. 

Here I came following at a fast clip.

Too fast it turned out, and I missed the step to the porch  and fell flat on my face hitting my head, scratching my glasses, and also hurting my knee. 

Hearing the thud, my husband opened the office door and came back for me.  Also the nurse rushed out with paper towels to wipe the blood from the bridge of my nose and side of my face. 

My thoughts were, "Three Times today a delay, and the third time is the charm." 
I was ready to collect my husband and take him home all intact. 

We were both having second thoughts about this surgery!

The nurse gave me an ice pack and some water, and talked with us to calm us down. 

Finally they took us in to see the Doctor and more talk.  My husband felt committed.

The end result was the surgery went as scheduled, and was a good job, and my husband seems to be recovering well.    * * * Oh yes, and I am recovering well too! :-)

There are times in life when it is wise to have second thoughts about your plans. 

Have you really prayed regarding what you are about to do?

Take a good look, especially if things seem to go wrong at each turn along the way.  

Once or twice is a warning, but when the third upset happens, it might be smart to have second thoughts, and to earnestly pray about making new decisions.   

Looking back at our life, there are several things that I wish we had taken some second thoughts!  

However - - “I have NO Regrets,” is a good thing to learn to say! 

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  1. Dear Hazel
    I am glad you didn't injure yourself more with the fall and that things went well with the surgery! I think we can and should learn from our past. Other than that, we make ourselves unhappy when we visit the past for extended stays! Visiting from Faithful Fridays.
    Much love XX

  2. I'm so sorry you fell! That breaks my heart... Some days are just that way aren't they? You take it well and in stride and always look to learn. That's a good lesson for me. Hope you both are recovering well. I'm praying for you two.

  3. Dear Hazel,
    I am not sure if you remember.I used to come here before and I have a blog then,Cookie Droplets..remember?You even invited me to join the World Carnaval and I did love it.I stopped blogging bacause I went back to work.Recently I resigned because I felt bad that even Sunday I must go to work.I was having second thought if I will continue my job. I know that Sunday is a Family Day and I am the light of my home..I needed me, my husband and my children to go to church and give God his Glory.I followed my heart's desire and I am happy.My heart is crying with joy.By the way its me Lizza and I changed my site and its name...pls do come and visit me.Your words are such a comfort to read. Have a great Sunday..and regards to Robert,I hope he recover swiftly.

  4. I hope you're recovering OK! We really need to pay attention for His signs, yes, I agree!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season


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