Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Better “Felt than Telt”

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A bee stink really hurts and I have been stung by a bee more than once. 
What I am about to tell you - - hurts worse than any bee sting.

In the days of no air conditioning in our car, my dad was driving us to visit our grandparents. 

All the windows were rolled down, and as I enjoyed a window seat in the rear, I stuck my arm out the window.  The breeze felt so cool to my finger tips as the wind whipped by our speeding automobile.

My dad must have had eyes in the back of his head, because he hollered out to me, “Hazel, keep your hands in the car.”

Quickly I obeyed, as I knew I must and in went my entire arm.  Soon my attention span seemed to get the best of me and out went my arm again to feel the gentle wind.

Up to now, I had not been exposed to the meanness of teen age boys, but that day I got an extra dose of how callous and uncaring they could be.

A car full of these boys came speeding along side our car and as they passed us, one of the boys reached out and slapped my hand a good one. 

That smack hurt sooo bad and of course I refused to cry out or whimper lest my dad realize I had disobeyed.

Some lessons are better, “Felt than Telt,” and this was one of those kind.

In life there are some things it seems that we can only learn by experience.  Oh how I wish we could learn the easy way, but it isn’t always so.

Of course, we hear warnings from the pulpit and then as we read our Bible, we realize there are things in life to avoid.

If we would only listen to that still small voice and obey the warnings, we could save ourselves a lot of trouble.

I for one am listening a lot better lately - - How about you?

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  1. "Ouch" Love, Vicki K

    1. "I loved the life lesson." Vicki K

  2. "God is that way too - - Better felt than telt !!" Robert

  3. Oh man, I'm with you, I'm hearing so much more than I could ever then... It's almost deafening the things we hear now...

  4. Oh yeah, I often have to learn things the hard way. I'm hard headed and need the sting to help reinforce the lesson.
    Thankfully, God only stings us as much as is needed and not as much as we often deserve.


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