Friday, January 3, 2014

That’s Not Funny!

A Good Laugh is Good for You !!
When my children were small, they were watching The Three Stooges on TV and my sister-in-law was visiting. 

She remarked, that she did not allow her children to watch that show.  “The program teaches children to hit each other,” she explained.  As I thought about it, I realized she was right, so that program became off limits. 
The animated cartoons of goofy Duck being hurt was not the same as real people in pain. 

I do not enjoy the U-tube videos of people banging themselves up while others laugh.

What does make us laugh?  Robert and I laugh out loud at some of the cartoons in the newspaper.  Mr Pickles is our favorite.

Laugh at yourself.  Can you laugh when the joke is on you?
laugh - courtesy
Adjusting our attitude can be a good thing and a mean spirited person is nothing to laugh at.

Lord help me to laugh and smile at the good things in life and to ignore and pass over those things that offend and hurt others.



  1. My prayer too. Have av nice weekend:)

  2. So wise... I'm with you, Hazel. May we laugh at ourselves in honesty... It's good for the soul...

  3. My little brother and I used to watch the Three Stooges, until li'l bro. started copying them. I was old enough to know this was a case of "don't try this at home," but he was wasn't. He just thought it was funny---so I was his victim... but not for long! Explanation ensued---and yes, the outlawing of the Three Stooges. Not only do we learn to copy, we learn to laugh at the wrong things---things that should have a caption: "That's not funny!"


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