Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Golden Gibson Banjo

Photo courtesy Gipson Banjo

The special order was going to take longer than usual, because the musical instrument in question must be created out of the ordinary and unique.

The notice came that our long awaited Banjo with the Gold trim, was being shipped to us by a certain transit company. 

When the day arrived to receive our prized possession, Robert decided he must inspect it there at the delivery station.

Carefully he opened the crate, then the Banjo case.  What a shock to view the neck of the banjo broken with a large crack.

The workers at the delivery company were as surprised as we were, but they agreed to ship the instrument back to Gibson free of charge and their insurance would pay for a new Banjo.

Again we waited many months, as we did not want a banjo that was repaired, but we wanted a brand new instrument, unlike any other with its beautiful Gold trim.

The announcement was received; our new Banjo was ready for pick up.  Again we opened the carton and discovered the gorgeous Gibson ready for use at our church.

For many years, Robert enjoyed playing his elegant and striking Banjo.  Then one day after a year of preparation, we moved to Oklahoma to attend Rhema Bible College and Robert took our Banjo with us. 

Life was changing and although Robert played his banjo a few times, it seemed God had something else in store for us.

A young Pastor attended the Bible College along with us, and Robert was inclined to invite him over for lunch one day.  This gentleman also played the banjo, but his instrument was not fancy or as striking as Robert’s banjo.

At the end of our meal, Robert offered his prize possession to the Young Pastor and it was gratefully accepted.  Robert expected it to be used for the Lord, and he gave it joyfully.

There are times in life when there is a shift in your everyday habits and changes occur sometimes unwelcomed, but they happen never the less.

God may be asking you to lay down something that is a prized possession, but understand there is a reason and it will be revealed to you.  God’s plans are not always explained at the time, but his ways are best.

As we learn to trust, we find that we really did not need that fancy Golden opportunity we thought we would treasure for ever.



  1. Beautiful story of the golden banjo and how your husband was led to give it to the young pastor, knowing it would be used in worship.

  2. What a nice deed. Inspiring. To give somthing that is precious to one self is not easy, but also rewarding:)

  3. Wow. That is an example for all of us! Holding on to possessions with a loose grip seems to bring peace and joy to the soul and our Father always seems to refill our hands and lives with more than we could ever imagine. What a great story.

  4. What a wonderful story! My son plays banjo, too. And we once visited the Gibson store in Nashville, before our first concert at the Grand Ole Opry. I just love the music that a banjo makes - it's so happy.

    What a generous and thoughtful gift that Robert gave that young pastor. I have a feeling that the gift made the music all the sweeter.



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