Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dog Driver

Hound Dog
courtesy photobucket
“Pull that truck up into this lane!  

"I said - - pull that  #%*$#*&$#  truck over here!” 

The officer at the truck weigh station was cursing, yelling and pointing as he hollered directions at our U-Haul truck.

Robert had left the truck and went into the small office to explain why his travel papers were missing.  The permit had been left in error at the last truck weighing stop. 

The man inside was satisfied, and gave Robert a special letter of permission to continue on our journey back to California.

Robert sauntered out to the truck and entered the driver’s side.  He motioned for our old hound dog who was riding with him, to move over and give him room. 

Slowly he pulled forward and the man directing traffic realized that our hound dog with the long floppy ears had been mistaken for a man with an aviator helmet on his head. 

They both got a good laugh out of that.

Did you ever take a quick glance at a situation and make up your mind and then discover later that what you thought you saw was not that at all?

Some call that jumping to conclusions, and others say it is making quick judgments without all the facts.

That often happens to me when I go bargain shopping and discover a better deal elsewhere after I have already made my purchase.

When it comes to heaven, I am glad I am not on the jury deciding the verdict of many people who I may consider to be ungodly.

It is said; when we get to heaven we may be surprised to find some who we judged as sinners, actually made it and they may look at us and wonder how we got in.



  1. Good points Hazel on making judgments. So glad the King of Kings will decide on who enters in and who does not.

  2. How timely. The post that I'm going to publish later on today I wrote about this very same thing! Not a coincidence! The old adage, "Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear," has some merit I guess.

    I'm with you, Hazel; I'm not qualified to judge, only our Father is.

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  4. What a fun story, Hazel! I can just see that hound dog with a hat!

    Yes, I have often jumped to the wrong conclusion, and sometimes the aftermath involves me *eating some crow*! May I learn to keep my thoughts (and sometimes my mouth) in check until I learn all the facts.

    And yes, it will be interesting to see some unexpected faces in heaven. But isn't that just like Jesus?! His grace covers the most unlikeliest of sinners.


  5. As followers of Christ, we are told not to judge, 'for judgement is mine, says the Lord."Romans 12:19. How often we find ourselves making quick judgements that we know very little about, when it comes to the situations others are facing. Thanks for this reminder that we need to be more gracious to others.

  6. What a delightful story to share with us at Friendship Friday this week - perfect for the letter D! Have a great week and hope to see you again as we celebrate the letter E! :-)


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