Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Only Rain in Certain Areas

Working in the Sun
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There are times when God pulls back His curtain and surrounds his beloved with protection. 

The children of Israel in Egypt are a good example when the plagues came upon the Egyptians, but stopped at the place of abode of the Israelites.  God placed a hedge of fortification around his people.

Many years ago, my husband was working at his roofing business and it appeared that it might rain. 

He had scheduled a work order for a house that needed a roof pronto, and the crew loaded up the trucks and decided to take their best shot at roofing this project.

On that day, an amazing thing happened; God showed my husband favor, and there was absolutely no rain around the house they were working on. 

However in the next block and surrounding areas through out the city - - it rained all day.

Our God is an awesome God, and He delights to provide for His children, but he will do even more when He sees the gratitude and thankfulness for his goodness unto you.

Thank you Lord for watching over your children and blessing them in many ways, some of which we know nothing about; but you are there!

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