Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Poor Job

My daughter Judie took me on a trip to visit some of my friends that I haven’t seen in years!  My sweet hubby Robert allowed me to go.  I will write more about my trip later.
Poor Job having a Pity Party
This post is about Sunday and the service at Church of God in Kingsburg with my friend Sylvia.

The Associate Pastor Ed Anderson was ministering on the Book of JOB. 
Job was rich, but God lifted his hand of protection to test Job and he began to loose his children and all his wealth. 
Only his friends and his wife were there to comfort him.  ??

They were not much help because they asked Job, “What sin did you commit to bring this on?” 
Job knew he was innocent and his reply was to always to trust God in every situation.   He said: “My Life is but a breath and shall my eyes no more see good?”

God breathed on the dirt/Adam and he became a living soul, and we are reminded that our life is but a breath.

We can have the greatest life, and all at once, things happen to change our circumstances.

Life is fragile and when tragedy strikes, we must understand that we are NOT being punished by God.  Satan’s job is to try to tell you that you are unworthy and family and friends may also discourage you.
May we not add to someone’s suffering by our negative words, but bring encouragement with positive scriptures and our heartfelt prayers to lift up those who are sick or lonely.

A child depends on their parents for care and protection, and as children of the Lord, we too must put our total faith in Jesus.  Come to the throne expecting to receive; yes we know we are not perfect, but we are washed in the blood of the Lamb.

The simple truth is God loves us, and even if we are sitting in the ash heap with mud packs on our boils, we must not be angry with God, because he is not the one who did this. 

Jesus let us know that the thief is the destroyer, it is he who steals from us, and he is the liar and also the messenger of death.

God answered Job:  “Quit asking so many questions!  No excuses, no explanations, you need to make up your mind and understand that you are still in my hands, and I will bring you through this trial.” 
God encourages Job (and us) - - to walk by Faith and not by Sight - - and to realize that you are never alone!

Job said, “Tell me Lord what to do?” 

Then God told Job to “Pray for your unbelieving friends and I will deliver you.”
When Job prayed for his friends - - God returned to Job, twice as much as he previously had.   
Keep Trusting and Believing!


  1. Great post, Hazel. It is the mighty and sovereign hand of our Father that holds back utter destruction every second. And "His ways are higher than our ways." How many times I strained under tough circumstances only to gain wisdom that would serve Him and me personally later... His ways are higher by infinity.

  2. Awesome post Hazel! My heart's cry is “Tell me Lord what to do?”


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