Thursday, February 13, 2014

Taking a Trip to Visit old Friends

It had been four years that I had hoped to take a trip to visit Sylvia my prayer partner of long ago. 
My daughter Judie, insisted that I must take this journey and she would drive me as a gift. 
She had cancelled the trip once due to a bad cough on her part, and I was just about ready to take off on my own. 

Robert said, “Judie wants to do this for you and you should allow her to gift you.” 
So I decided this would be safest and best to travel with my daughter. 
Judie had everything planned; she would be attending a three day conference on Healing at Bethel church in Redding, and then she would pick me up early Saturday morning and we would be on our way to Stockton. 

My former Pastor’s wife lives there with her new husband Arnie.  (Pastor Gene went to heaven many years ago) and she is active in the Assembly of God Church, teaching Kenneth Hagin’s Faith quarterly to a group of 60 disciples.  We visited, went to lunch and then she and Arnie gave us a tour of the lovely facilities of the church. 

Our visit was just long enough and then we took off for Modesto where a couple of friends from days at Rhema pastor a church.  They wanted to take us to the Golden Choral, where we enjoyed a nice dinner. 
Judie shared some of the happenings at the conference, and they let us hear what they were doing.  I gifted them with my three books. 
Our Pastor friends wanted us to come in and visit some more, but it was getting late, and we had an hour’s drive to Madera where Judie had secured a lovely hotel.

The next morning was Sunday, and it was only a 30 minute drive to the Church of God where we would sit with Sylvia my prayer partner of long ago. 
I took notes and posted a story about Job on my Sunday digested sermons. 
Then we went to one of their favorite Mexican Restaurants and enjoyed a lovely meal. 
Plans were made to visit her home that evening, where she offered us chocolate cream pie and coffee and we had a nice visit as we talked of miracles that God is doing.

The next morning Sylvia took us to shop the quaint boutiques in Kingsburg, and then on to lunch where we met up with her husband, and visited some more.

Bidding farewell, we had a long drive ahead of us to Lathrop, where daughter Nancy and Randy live. 
Judie had been documenting our trip on Facebook with her new I-pod and was using it as a means to communicate with Nancy.  They insisted on taking us to dinner at Applebee’s and then back to their home to visit their animals and share more talk.

The next morning we headed to Roseville where Judie had arranged for me to have my portrait taken at the Picture People.  Then on to Kaiser where I could pick up my extra pair of eye glasses - - and then on to home. 
I was grateful for all of Judies planning and how we packed a lot into three days. 
Judie likes to book a hotel for herself and she needed a private day before she would catch her plane to carry her home to Southern California.


  1. Yes, we had a great adventure! Happy Valentines Day Mom!

    1. Thank you Judie and Happy Valentines day to you too!

  2. How nice Judie and you had an adventure together, it sounds double the fun being with her.

  3. That is such a blessing to hear! our Father has gifted you so generously... Those are the treasures that can't be calculated by a number...

  4. Sounds like an awesome 3 days... and what a lovely adventure with your daughter!

  5. How sweet of your daughter to gift you in that way. I would delight in a trip with my daughter anywhere. Glad you up north are getting some rain, we are still very dry here in southern California but so much nicer then the snow and ice being sent to the other parts of the country. Blessings Hazel.


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