Friday, February 7, 2014

Hair styles Change

Old Hair Style Short
For many years I had worn my blond hair in a sort of school girl Dutch Bob.  It was a simple style and easy to care for.

Then several years ago now, my husband suggested that I might enjoy a very short hair cut.  He took me to his lady barber who cuts hair for both men and women.  Many of her women customers are senior citizens in our area.

"Short real short," is what my husband told her.  When the barber finished, I wondered if that was really me.

The girls at work told me they did not like my new look.  "You will get used to it and then you will like it," I told them.  It certainly was easy to care for.  No curlers or hot iron needed.  Simply wash - dry and that was it.

If my husband is happy with my hair, then I too am pleased. 

Now it was time for another change.  I made a visit to the hair dresser and a perm was ordered.  Now I was a curly top for sure.

My son-in-law commented, your new look reminds me of Grandma Ruth.  I was silent but that got my dander up, because I did not want to look like Grandma Ruth.

The ladies at church said, “You look ten years younger.”  Those words made me smile.

Now I am allowing my hair to grow longer.  There are times a change is good. 

Hazel February 2014 Picture People Photo

My daughter Judie thought I should have my photo taken at the Picture People, so off we went. 

Now I changed my profile photo to me current.

As far as God is concerned, He could care less about my hair, because He only looks at my heart.



  1. I think you're radiant, regardless. I'm in the process of growing out, which can be awful, but I have a wonderful stylist who's helping me grow out gracefully.

  2. It amazes me what we wives will do for our husbands. I am with are radiant with short or long hair. I

    I usually get mine cut pretty short for summer, just too hot for me anymore to deal with longer hair. Ease and comfort is my theme and Ace has finally come to the stage where he likes my hair any way I wear it.

  3. Hazel you are lovely either way! And I adore that beautiful red blouse. I cut my own hair, since the MCS doesn't allow me to go into beauty or barber shops due to all the perfumes and chemicals. When we lived in GA years ago, a beautician actually came to my house. The joy of living in a small rural town!!

  4. I agree.. you;re an adorable young lady, and what ever makes you feel good is just right for my casae, I had bangs as a much younger gal, then once they grew out I said nevermore... guess what... now I have bangs again and love them... just dont ever let me grow them out again.... that was the hard part. hehehehehe. but god gives us free will to choose in these matters,,, I believe... it is part of his creation He put inside of us to be creative ourselves with the resources we are given... God bless and have a lovely day.

  5. I think it's good to try new things... although I'm in a rut... You look lovely and radiant in that new picture, Hazel! I can see the joy!

  6. Hazel, you are the most beautiful woman - both inside and out! And you look wonderful in red!

    Yes, you're so right, the Lord looks at our hearts - and the more we look like Him, the more radiant we are!!


  7. I really like your new photo. My hair is longer since about 25 years ago. The only frustration for me is taking the time to curl ... not always, but sometimes. It can be straight if I ain't goin' anywhere special. You do a gooooood job. And you look great!!


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