Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weakly Counting the Week’s Blessings

Stress #1

Mid December we purchased a new Hamilton Beach Micro-wave oven, from Wal-Mart. It worked for about one week and then stopped dead.  Nothing we did could resurrect it. 

Search as we did search, we could not find the receipt for the thing.  Finally I phoned Wal-Mart and the nice lady said bring it and the box down to the store and we will help you.

The clerk asked if I would like another microwave and I told her, 'No thank you, I don’t think so."  Without any questions, they gave me a refund gift card to reuse for what ever I needed.

Stress #2

The overhead garage door on our shed quit working and it appeared that the chain had come loose.

Robert pulled our ladder in place and climbed up and tried to secure the chain, but he began to feel weak.  As he came down the ladder and stepped to the ground his knee gave way.  He fell scraping his back on some things stored there, and our Blue Tick Hound that followed him began to whine.  Robert tried to right himself and he fell again.

Our dog continued whining.  Soon Robert was able to get up and come into the house to tell me what happened.  I helped him remove his torn shirt and I applied ointment and a bandage and gave him some water to drink.  Thankfully no bones were broken, but he was a shaken and emotionally upset hubby.

Happy Stress #3  Actually No stress

Saturday morning Applebee’s and a group of cooperating churches put on a fund raiser for Feed the Poor.  Tickets were $8.00 of which 4 went to the project and 4 to Applebee’s for the food and the cooks.  Volunteers from each church did the order taking, serving and bussing.  The breakfast was a lovely success.  Our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter along with Robert and me, were in attendance.

Happy Stress #4

Our daughter’s family came home with us and Dennis our son-in-law climbed our ladder and fixed the spring in the door.

Now I am weak from all the stress this week !



  1. Nancy Primm says: "You guys need to be ain't spring chickens anymore you know. Glad Bob didn't break any bones."

  2. "I sure am glad no one was hurt. Life just keeps presenting us with all kinds of stress doesn't it? Glad for the rest and guidance of the Holy Spirit!" Nancy Kehr

  3. Oh man, that scared me! Falling is one of the worst things! All those years on the roof can work against us when our bodies can't do what they once did, but our minds think they can... been there done that.

    Glad to hear all is safe and sound. You've been blessed by family and friends, sister.


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