Sunday, March 19, 2017

God Uses Dreams


This post is from my notes while Pastor Allan ministered at Open Door Church

Goose bumps don’t last, and we aren’t here for goose bumps.  Our desire is for genuine experiences from God; encounters that you can take with you where ever you go. 
What you experience on Sunday morning needs to continue through the week.  Return here Wednesday night, and take advantage of “Divine Appointment at the Hope Center on Mondays nights.  We sit around waiting for the outpouring, not realizing we are in it.  Enjoy the Holy Spirit being poured out on you and on your children. 

Have you ever done a crazy thing that is of God?  The people thought Noah was crazy as he built an ark.  People made fun of him, but Noah heard God speak giving him precise directions and he obeyed.  Thus his family and the animals were all saved.

We must learn to recognize God’s voice.  Sometimes we don’t want to hear.  Jonah heard God’s message, but he ran from it.  He had to be encountered with drastic means before he would obey.

Peter had a vision that changed his theology; he discovered that God loves Gentiles as well as Jews.

Joseph as a boy dreamed amazing dreams that came to pass.  His dream brought him into bondage, but his dream also brought him to the palace.

Gideon at the wine press saw an angel who brought him a message of deliverance.

God desires to communicate with His people.  He used a burning bush to speak to Moses.

God is speaking to you, but are you sitting on your hands.  We say when?  The answer is now.  It is time to step up and walk in what God is saying and doing.  The church of Oroville is eminence.  God’s church includes all blood washed believers who dwell in our city. 

Don’t be afraid as you listen to God’s voice.  Be bold and step out in faith and expect God to show up.  Reality is proclaimed.  Be the body of Christ and interact with others in the body. 
Let God show you what you are to do.  We must quit trying to the job of others.  Perhaps he is telling you to make sandwiches, to preach on the street, to clean the church.  Each person will find their place and your work will be different than mine. 

Be careful not to criticize and judge the message, but listen with an open heart.

God knows what he wants done and it includes you.  Don’t be like the unwise servant who said, “I was afraid.”  Don’t hide your talent.

Understand there are “Nut cases” out there doing strange things in the name of Jesus.  Back away from those who are weird.  Don’t mess up thinking they are of God.  If your theology needs changing, let God show you in His Word what is truth.  It must line up with the Word of God.

Some of us have big dreams, but what ever your dream, don’t allow others to discourage you by saying “It won’t work,” and “Be careful.”

We are in a season of a different level.  God’s timing is important and we must pay attention for this is the “Year of Jubilee.”

We will see miracles happen that our natural sense refuses to understand.

The harvest is ready.  Here in our city we have cool parades, and car shows and the fiddlers come to town.  We have friends coming to help us witness during these events and we need you to be a part of it.  We are preparing for a Friday night assembly and then Saturday for the harvest.  Saturday night will be a deliverance rally, to release and heal the addicts and illness. 
Be crazy enough to believe the dream God has for Oroville.  Be obedient to what God has spoken to you. 
If you are not sure, it is time to ask God, “What would you have me do?  Let God show you His dream for you and for our city.


Lux G. said...

Yes, he does. And I love it when He do.

Unknown said...

With you. This is definitely one of the ways our Father speaks to us. I've had a few dreams that meant significant things in my life and they came to pass.

We get so caught up in the power of our senses that we believe there's not much stronger. Our senses are a gift from God but are nothing compared to His power and what He can do in us when we live above our senses.

Thanks for the reminder, Hazel.