Sunday, March 26, 2017


This post is from my notes of the Sunday Morning Service as Linda was exhorting.


There is a powerful presence of God here today, but there is an undercurrent of opposition in the spirit that we must overcome.  We are to take God at His word and understand He means what He says.  Consider what is happening in your life, and what is God’s reason and revelation of His wisdom.  Are you a listener?

Seek His presence and His heart.  No matter what is going on about you, God’s way is greater.

Be careful to acknowledge His presence and allow him to fill the empty spaces in your heart.  Become awake in your soul, spirit and body, to receive from Jesus.

Paul exhorted in Romans 12:1-3 (Message Bible) Place your ordinary everyday life and give it to God.  Embrace what God sends your way, recognizing what he wants you to do.   Turn from the immature culture around you and have no part in it. 

It is important not to misrepresent yourself, and hold back, but stand firm being willing to contribute to the body as a part of the whole. 

Every single one of you is important and has a function of the body.  You are excellently formed; so be what you are meant to be and not something else.  Don’t imitate but be quick to respond to God’s voice within you. 
Be cautious not to allow the problems of other people to discourage you.  Be alert and don’t quit, or be offended, and no cursing under your breath.  Get along with every body and don’t insist on getting even. 
Share with others and be willing to give.  Reach out to others.

Do watch out for the enemy who comes for the kill, come against him with the surprise weapon of love. 
~ ~ ~

Pastor Allan took the microphone and urged us as believers to take our personal place, and not the space of someone else.   Operate on the level you are called to in a spirit of freedom.  It is below your pay grade to be the boss when God has called you to co-operate.  We are called to be Ambassadors of Christ to reconcile others to Jesus.
Pastor Allan mentioned he attended a meeting last Friday evening where seven churches were present.  A prophetic message came forth “God says He is pleased that my children can pray together as one.”  God desires the body of Christ to love one another and to be united in spirit.

The key is your personal relationship with Jesus.  It is absolute that you must be born again; you must have received Jesus Christ into your life.  You search other places and you do not find what you seek; you need to come and make that final choice to receive Christ Jesus.

Pastor called for those needing a miracle to come forward.  He explained the greatest miracle is to be sure you know Jesus as Lord and that you have received Him into your life.  The first miracle is eternal life and it is important to recognize that.  God desires a changed life, a complete turn around giving the reigns of your life over to Jesus.  Not your will but giving of yourself over to God’s will.

Many of the congregation came forward to the front of the church and God was present to heal, spirit, soul and body.


TC Avey said...

Reminds me of the sermon I heard this week. My pastor talked about how important each individual is. He's never too busy for the ONE. Often He took time out of important things to meet with ONE individual. He changed lives ONE person at a time. And each person then went and shared what God had done for them.
Each ONE person matters. My pastor has been encouraging us to not overlook people around us. To stop our business to see the ONE and to reach out to them as Christ would.
We are His hands and feet. We all are called to share His love. Whatever we do matters and can make an impact in the Kingdom of God.

BettieG said...

Amen! There is so much good here! But this, tonight, is drawing my heart: "Be careful to acknowledge His presence and allow him to fill the empty spaces in your heart. Become awake in your soul, spirit and body, to receive from Jesus." Oh, how I want to be awake to HIM! Thank you for sharing this. --Blessings to you!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Wonderful to hear seven churches gathering together to pray! :)

Unknown said...

It is a miracle, isn't it? The love of God is the basis for our gifts and miracles. It's about Him. Good reminder, Hazel. Thanks.