Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Careful When Sporting!

My mother was standing at the sink, peeling potatoes for dinner. Now, my parents were always affectionate in front of us, but what happened next was something that I probably wasn’t supposed to view!

My Dad came up behind my mother and enveloped her in his arms, and placed each hand on you know what. Mother was not startled, because Dad often embraced her, and kissed her while we looked on. This time, she twirled, faced him and politely asked him to allow her to finish fixing the dinner for everyone!

Awkward! I was so embarrassed in this instance; I hid my eyes and quickly busied myself in my home work!

I suppose this could be called ‘sporting with your wife,’ like the Bible account of Isaac with his wife, Rebekah?

The Account in Genesis tells us that there was a famine in the land, and Isaac and his wife had moved south to a new country. Rebekah was very beautiful and Isaac was afraid for his life, in case someone wanted to kill him and take his wife. He decided that if the king thought she was his sister that might make everything safer. So he lied.

Soon after, the King happened to look out his window and saw Isaac sporting with his wife, and in a quick moment the King requested Isaac to come in for a private consultation. The King told Isaac that he realized that Rebekah must be his wife and asked why he had lied.

He told Isaac in no uncertain terms that this could have turned into a bad situation if someone had taken her as their wife.

Even though Isaac had lied, the King respected Isaac’s God, and gave Isaac sheep and oxen, returned his wife to him, and asked Isaac to pray for his household.

The King gave orders that if anyone touched Isaac or his wife, that they would be put to death. Isaac lived in that land for several years and the Lord blessed his stay there.

Finally the King told Isaac, You are mightier than us, so please depart from us and go elsewhere with our blessing.

I believe Isaac had learned his lesson and from then on he told the truth to all, that Rebekah was his wife. He also probably cut out the “Sporting in Public” with his wife.

The Bible pulls no punches when telling about the “Saints” of old who often did not act very saintly. God looked at their hearts, and when they admitted their mistakes, God fully forgave them, and blessed them from that time on.

God will do the same for YOU !!

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