Friday, August 13, 2010

Money From Heaven? Not!

Perhaps God wanted me to have new appliances!! At least that is what my husband said.

Arriving at our new residence in Okalahoma, there were a few important items missing! Among those details was a refrigerator, and a washer and dryer, and, oh yes, a hide-a-bed. Our large ice chest would have to suffice for awhile.

I told my husband that we would look in the classified ads, and God would provide. The hide-a-bed was obtained quickly! Now we had a place to sit and to use as an extra bed for company. Finding a used refrigerator, washer and dryer was proving difficult. Either there were none to be found, or the prices were too high. What to do?

In the local paper, Sears advertised Turbine Vents and their installation for a certain price. As my husband read, he realized that the installation would be easy, so he made a visit to Sears and told them that he was there to help them.

He informed them that he was a licensed roofing contractor in California, and could easily provide them with an insurance binder. They confessed that they were having a problem catching up with the installations. With that, we had a job!

When I called the State of Oklahoma about a business license, they informed me that none was needed to do small jobs. So, it was off to the print shop to get some business cards that said, “OK Roofing” with our telephone number.

My new daily routine was to take the van to Sears, load up the vents and secure the work sheets. Once at home, I stuck pins in a map for each location, then set up a route. Each customer was called to let them know that their job was scheduled for the following day. If they were not going to be home, I requested that they hang an extension cord out the window for our use. The rest was up to my husband!

During the summer months, we helped Sears out, and managed to earn enough cash to pay for new appliances! There was even money left over to shop for a few other items that we needed. Praise the Lord for His provision!

Money from Heaven? No! God does not drop money from heaven when you have a need. Often he provides by giving you work to earn your keep.

If you are in need of provision, take the matter to prayer, and ask the Lord to confirm to you how to get that need met. He may show you a business that you can do, or guide you to take some classes to expand your skill sets into a new field. Be open to His leading.

As for us, we have generally had to work, like the apostle Paul did, to provide for our existence. Only a few times were we ever gifted with offerings from individuals.

Many people dream of that winning Lotto ticket or holding a huge cardboard check with their name on it! Often, they fail to count all the other blessings that God has sent their way.

I can say emphatically that it has been God who has given us numerous bargains, discounts, rebates, and a score of other blessings – including work, as means of provision.

Money from Heaven? No. Provision form Heaven? Yes!

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  1. You have certainly been a 'help mate' to Bob. I love that about you Hazel.


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