Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Musical House Guests

At the Bible Training center we attended in 1977, Norvel Hayes was arriving for one of the monthly week long seminars. He did not appear alone, but brought with him a Music minister, his wife and their young son.

Rev Hayes had others who followed him to learn at his feet, where ever he would be teaching and ministering. When a minister walks in the anointing, it is not unusual for others to surround them-selves hoping to catch some of their magnetism for their own ministry.

We volunteered to open our home to the Musical family and their son. The young child was usually only around adults, so his play had an adult sense of humor to it. He began by addressing me as Sister Hagin. He knew that I was not her, but this was a teasing game to him. We joined in with his fun.

One afternoon as the child became more familiar with our house and back yard, he decided to inspect something he found very interesting in the back of our property. He gingerly opened a lid that he found in the ground and leaning over the hole, managed to peer in. Plop in he went! Whew what an awful smell !! Naturally he hollered loudly for his Mamma.

It was a mystery to me how he discovered our septic tank, but his mother heard his cry and she and my husband rescued him immediately. While still out in the yard, they first hosed him off with a gentle spray of water. Quickly all his clothes were removed and he was placed in the bath tub to get a thorough scrubbing all over his little body. Fresh clean garments were waiting for his now cleansed self, and soon he was like a new born again believer.

In this life, there are many interesting and curious sins that invite the unsuspecting to partake of. May I warn you that a septic tank or worse is the end result?

Does your curiosity ever get the best of you? Are you ever tempted to peer into the internet or TV where your eyes do not belong? Or are there other “interesting” temptations that allure you at times?

I do sincerely hope that you have not succumbed to temptation, but if so, let me alert you that there is cleansing available and fresh garments waiting for you. The blood of Jesus will wash you whiter than the snow and he provides His robe of righteousness.

Do enjoy the song at the above site.

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