Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do Things “Just Happen” Or Is It God?

Usually when a couple are house-hunting in order to purchase a home, they both go together to make that decision. In this instance, that was not the case. The decision was being left up to me! Soon I was on a plane flying to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to purchase a home for our year’s stay.

Our plans were to arrive in the beginning of summer and get settled in.

Since the Bible Training Center was holding their second year of classes at Sheridan Assembly in Tulsa, I decided to go there first and audit a class. Seating my self with the students, I sat back and tried to blend in.

One gentleman realized that I was not a student so he asked me, “Why are you here?”

I told him, “My husband and I will be students in the next school term, and that I was there to purchase a house for our family.”

Enthusiastically he flipped through his wallet and drew out a business card. “Here,” he said, “My father-in-law is a Real Estate Agent and he can help you.”

Did I just “Happen,” to sit next that particular student?

Arriving at my motel, I called the number on the card, and was pleasantly surprised when the man I was supposed to call answered the telephone. He just “Happened” to have floor duty that day!

I gave him all the information as to what I needed: a four bedroom house, a certain price range, a large yard for our two big dogs.

He asked if I would be free the next day to view homes, and I grabbed the opportunity. In the meantime, he would put together a list of homes available, and we would start early the next morning.

True to his word, he took me to view many homes in the Tulsa area but none were ringing a bell.

Finally, the agent asked me if I would be willing to go further out towards Broken Arrow, as there were some fairly new homes there with large yards. I told him, that we were used to driving 20 miles to church and that would not be a problem.

Three homes in that area were shown to me. Suddenly, as we looked through the last home, I heard in my spirit, “This is it.”

I called my husband and shared the particulars. He told me what to offer and not to go over a certain price. Everything clicked. I told the sellers, when we needed Escrow to close, signed papers, left a deposit, and flew back to California. With not so much ado, we had our home – a home in Broken Arrow!

Two months later we arrived in Oklahoma with our menagerie and family. We met the agent, made all the closing settlements, and headed out to our new home. The sellers were doing their final sweep and told us they would be out in 20 minutes or so. Shortly we were able to set up our beds, bring in our things and settle in for the night.

What occurred next was amazing. The following day we decided to drive into Tulsa to the ministry headquarters and spy out the land. Guess what? We were told that the School for the next session would be moving to a new location, one just purchased in Broken Arrow, located 3 miles from our new home!

Now, do you believe that “Just happened?” … Or was it God?

You too can expect God to direct your path in all of life’s decisions. Learn to seek His face, and then trust your spirit as He guides you in the way you should go.  God will make it happen for you!!

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