Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Hands, God’s Opportunity

It was on a Wednesday night at the Sheridan Church Potluck. We noticed a young couple wander in with that “lost” look, so we invited them to take a plate and then sit with us. Yes, they were new students and had just arrived pulling a small trailer with all their worldly goods stuffed inside. Here was our opportunity to lend a helping hand.

As we spoke, we learned that only the gentleman was to be a student, and the woman hoped to find employment. She was experienced working in a print shop.

Quickly, I moved to speak with one of the gentlemen from the church. I knew he owned a print shop, so I asked if he needed a good worker to help in his store. After talking with her, he arranged for her to show up, on a trial basis. If all worked out well, she had a job!

The tired couple had no place to stay, so we took them home with us. They gratefully accepted our invitation. We showed them a safe place to park their trailer until they found an apartment.

The next morning they poured over the advertisements for apartments. One caught their attention. It had everything they needed; it was furnished and close to the school. Off they went to take a look!

A bit later, the couple returned to our home saying they needed to pray. Together they excused themselves to a quiet spot and prayed for about an hour. They decided that this was the rental that God wanted for them, so back they went and signed up for the apartment.

I smiled !!

When they returned, I sat them down at our table for a little chat. I suggested that if they knew they had been led to Broken Arrow, and they could see that other things were falling into place, it might be time to trust the Lord and believe that He was guiding them. My explanation of how to walk in the Spirit was something new to them. They had been Catholics prior to being filled with the Holy Ghost, and they always moved slowly. (Slowly is often a very good thing – especially when a person is learning to listen to God!)

They had brought a bicycle with them, so he had transportation to school, and she had a job. Later, he was able to get work driving the school bus. Also someone blessed her with $50 and told her to purchase all the staples she needed for her pantry. The condition was; that when they noticed a student that needed a home cooked meal to invite them over for dinner. Yes all their needs were being supplied.

Bible school was to begin in a week or so, and we were expecting a wonderful year. All was well in Broken Arrow, OK !!

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  1. What a blessing you and Bob have been to God's precious ones.


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