Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kicked Out of the Kingdom??

Being an avid reader and always enjoying books that offered amazing stories, I happened on a book with the title, “Kicked Out of the Kingdom,” by Charles Trombley. It was a remarkable story of a Jehovah’s Witness couple and their crippled baby.

Charles Trombley came to his church leaders with a request! He wanted them to pray for their daughter. Since the leaders were hesitant, the man and his wife took it upon themselves to seek God for their daughter’s healing. God graciously healed their child! When the couple gave testimony at their Jehovah’s Witness group meeting, they were harshly rebuked and told that the devil healed their daughter!

This answer did not sit too well with the couple, because they knew they had prayed to the God in heaven. If it was the devil that had healed their daughter, then, they reasoned, the devil must be good!

The couple continued to hold tightly to their belief that God had healed their daughter, and very soon, the JW leaders invited them to leave their denomination. How hurtful this was! As Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin often said, “they received the “Left Foot of Fellowship.”

Soon this couple found a Charismatic church that believed in healing and the error of their former cult began to be revealed to them. As their entire doctrine flip-flopped, they became born again! Once filled with the Holy Spirit, they decided to enter full time ministry for the Lord.

Almost forgetting myself, I called out to my husband excitedly, “Look where these people live! They are located in Broken Arrow OK! And near the school we attend.”

It was out pleasure to visit them at their ministry address! Introducing ourselves as students of Rhema, we inquired whether or not they had any roofing problems. My husband volunteered to inspect their roof and repair it for them, while our daughter, volunteered her office skills part time. What a wonderful meshing of spirits.

“How to Praise the Lord,” another of Rev. Trombley’s books, has absolutely some of the best available information on praise that I have discovered! The different types of praise is marvelously detailed, with emphasis on the power derived when one enters into God’s presence with singing in the Spirit. Years later, I taught from this book at one of our churches. The Glory Cloud came down in such grandeur, that when the Pastor entered the auditorium after the teaching, he could hardly make it to the platform to preach!

How the Lord leads our pathways and how we touch lives as we trust Him is always astounding. We could never fathom what is actually happening behind the scenes. People you meet every day are influenced by your walk with God.

Because of this, it is important to always let our words be filled with kindness and blessing over those with whom we come in contact. Speak encouraging words! Expect those words to strike a cord of love in their hearts! God will do the rest. HE is in the business of gathering people to Himself.

One thing we can all count on: God has promised never to “kick us out” of His Kingdom…. or to leave…. or forsake us!

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  1. Oh yes it is so important to be joyful in the Lord, full of his word and wisdom. Careful in your example and words....great Hazel.


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