Monday, August 2, 2010

Say It? Do It! Your Word is Your Bond

At 14, I eagerly awaited the weekly 4-page handout from my church! I loved to read the uplifting and encouraging stories. They were thrilling and always had a special message attached to them. The articles, often very educational, taught me many things about the benefits of releasing grudges and forgiving those who sin against us.

One of the young men from our church had joined the Army so the Pastor encouraged us to write to our servicemen. I accepted it as my patriot duty! I decided to write to him each week and to enclose the Sunday School paper after I had read it. I promised him I would not fail to send him mail each week.

Some people might think that to be a tall order, after all, stuff happens! But not me! I took this very seriously!

He would always write back and earnestly tell me just how much he enjoyed the stories and the news from home. My letters included what I was learning in school or the special speaker at church – I shared it all!

When his tour of duty was over, he wanted to thank me for my faithfulness in writing to him. I shyly accepted his invitation to have a milkshake at the local creamery. It was a wonderful gesture of appreciation.

A promise is a promise, and giving one’s word should never be done lightly.

Life calls upon all of us at one time or another to perform a duty - perhaps with your job, or for your family. Your acceptance may be out of a sense of responsibility, or it may be rightly motivated by the desire to help others.

Your reward may not be a milk shake, but you will retain the deep inner satisfaction of knowing that you kept your word. Also, you will be able to circumvent the effect of broken promises. Broken promises bring resentment, hurt, anxiety and a lack of trust; because after all, we keep our word for other people’s sake as well as for our own in being accountable to GOD.

What ever the task, and what ever your motive, stand by your word! If you commit to a job, finish it. Some things may become difficult or even almost unbearable, but if you have made a commitment, then honor that pledge. God will honor you.

Ask the Lord to help you when times become complicated! He will make the crooked places straight.

Joshuah 21:45 Not one of the good promises which the LORD had made to us has failed; all came to pass.

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