Friday, July 30, 2010

Traumatized Because of Flirting Eyes

Uncle Wilson was a happy and generous man who always took care of his family. He often looked the other way when his wife went out to the local bar at night with her friends. Aunt Minnie was a friendly person and she would joke and flirt with those at the neighborhood club.

One man took the flirtation too seriously and it became, for him, a fatal attraction.

Early one morning, a loud knock at the door was answered by Aunt Minnie’s young daughter. Red-faced and angry, the shouting man pushed past the girl into the house.

“If I can’t have you, then nobody will!” He bellowed! Gun shots were fired and he fled the scene. The police caught the man and he was jailed and prosecuted, but the motherless family would never be the same again.

Uncle Wilson took to drink to escape the grief and loneliness. The young daughter was traumatized and suffered for many years as she relived, the terror of that morning.

Given the circumstances of their broken lives, Uncle Wilson continued to care for his family the best way he knew how. The children reached adulthood where they married and left home, and Uncle Wilson continued to find solace in the bottle.

During the years, he often went to church to find peace, and he even confessed Jesus as Lord, but the drinking had a strong hold on him - - it was his “friend.”

Years passed and the continual drinking finally caught up with him and he ended up in the hospital in terrible condition.

As I prayed about visiting him, the Lord reminded me of those bound in the occult or witchcraft, when coming to Christ - - - they must first renounce their “former following of religion.”

It is always good to go prepared with a “Word from the Lord,” when you will be dealing with death, or the devil. I was prepared.

At the hospital, Uncle Wilson was awake and very happy to see me. I told him that I was here with a message from the Lord. I asked him if he was ready to live and not die. He emphatically answered. “Yes.” Then I asked him another question. “Are you ready to renounce alcohol in all its forms, and for the rest of your life, to never drink it again?” Uncle Wilson again answered, “Yes.”

I prayed a prayer of deliverance and told him that I loved him. The next day he was released and soon after went to live with his daughter.

Uncle Wilson lived a happy life with his daughter and her children. He worked in the garden and helped around the house. Best of all he was still around to enjoy her children and the grandkids too.

To my knowledge he never drank liquor again.

Today Uncle Wilson is drinking the New Wine in Heaven. Of course, that’s the best kind.

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  1. Precious were a part of bringing the ending of his life joy and happiness on earth and up in heaven.


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