Monday, July 26, 2010

Cries in the Night !!

Protective? Protective! Our dogs are very protective of our property! Only those armed with doggie cookies or recognizable family members are allowed to enter. Strangers Beware! However - - - the meter-reader, and the UPS man are always prepared with treats.

Animals who decide to visit us are however, a different story. A recent possum entered through our culvert which connects to our neighbor’s property. He did not last long once our old Black Lab, Buck, took him in tow. Anything that moves is a target!

The only critters these dogs leave alone are the tiny frogs that hop around on our lawn. Even the lizards get a good chase. Buck is also an excellent gopher hunter and all three dogs help each other dig holes everywhere.

Recently while we watched TV, my husband heard our animals ferociously barking. He can always tell if it is something important, and this was!! I did not hear a thing, but my husbands ears are always tuned in to their cries!

When he came back into the house, he reported that he had just killed a foot-long rattle snake. It was curled up in a ball, out in the open, and the dogs were all unceasingly barking at it.

My husband grabbed a shovel and acted quickly! Our dogs were very excited and still happily engaged in their “hunting adventure.”

To be on the safe side, we brought them into the house for examination. While we could see no immediate evidence to indicate a snake bite, we decided to look at them again in one hour. Then another inspection before bed - - so far so good!

My husband speculated that this snake may have been a left-over egg from last winter, or that it entered from the front where there is no mesh protection on the fence.

We are thankful that our dogs are able to cry out in the night when it is necessary and that my husband heeds their call.

How much more can we be thankful that God hears us when we cry out to Him!

Psalms 27:7 Hear, O LORD, when I cry with my voice: have mercy also upon me, and answer me.

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  1. A good dog will corner, and hold at bay, the offensive intruder. Three good pups, there.

    Is the Spirit the sounding alarm of a Satanic (snake) attack? If we're getting our warnings from Him, then Nancy's "hound dog of Heaven" description fits.


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