Friday, July 16, 2010

STOP! Don’t Move!

While visiting friends who lived on a busy thoroughfare, we parked across the street and began to unload the baby from her child seat. Our 4-year old son, excited to see his friends, escaped from the car and made a mad dash, all by himself, across the busy street!

I was absolutely shocked once I fully grasped the seriousness of the situation, but was happy he was safe and sound. There he stood on the opposite side of the street, dancing on one foot and then the other, as if he was planning to make the run back again to us.

I could see a large truck driving extremely fast up the hill towards us, and I yelled loudly to my son,

“STOP! Do Not Move – Stay There!”

My heart pounded fiercely as the approaching truck whizzed by! Fortunately my son obeyed, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief, when I realized he was out of harm's way.

Quickly, I crossed the street, and praised my son, letting him know how happy I was that he had obeyed. I explained to him why he should always wait for us, so we could all cross the street safely together. Visions of what could have happened were fresh on all our minds.

As Christians, we have the Holy Spirit who will often alert us to “STOP! Wait, Don’t move!”

He may request that we watch our words and avoid conflict. At other times, the Holy Spirit will urge us to speak up, to keep going, to turn here, or to be an example by loving one another. It will be in our best interest to listen to that voice and heed whatever He is telling us.

Limits, rules, and laws, kept or broken bring results; there are consequences, both good and bad. Disobedience and rebellion is harsh on the offender. Guidelines, suggestions, tips and procedures are all out there for good reasons.

Paying attention and following Divine Direction will foster an improved, effortless existence to our lives. God is there to lead, to guide and to help us circumvent things ahead that only He can see. We may wonder why, but we must trust Him.

It is each individual’s choice, but may I humbly suggest that obeying your inner voice will be your best option.

My son listened to my voice and it saved him from getting smacked by a Mack truck and that would have been no fun. Are you listening?

1Samuel 15:22 Behold, to obey and listen is better than sacrifice - -

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