Sunday, July 25, 2010

Songs in the Night

Earlier this year, to protect our animals, my husband did some varmint-proofing to our chain link fence. Across the back and extending along both sides, about half way to the front fence, he installed a roll of fine mesh screen about two feet high and sealed it at the bottom with some cement curbing.

My husband figured that most of the problems would come from the neighbors behind us, and along the old overgrown unused irrigation ditch that skirts one side of our property. In the winter, the ditch is used for drainage, while in summer months it becomes a watering hole for local animals that free-range.

A few nights ago, my husband was awakened by the fierce barking of our three dogs, so he got up out of bed to investigate! Such a ruckus!

Along the ditch side of the yard, a small skunk was spitting and with bared teeth, was violently attacking our fence as our dogs let him know he was not welcome. The skunk kept attempting to spray at our dogs, but he was almost out of ammunition. Only a small whiff hit our animals. Corralling our dogs, my husband put them in our small pen for the rest of the night, and the skunk went on his way. Ahhhh, for some sleep!

In the morning I knew we had to do something about the dogs! I had heard that tomato juice was a good remedy for animals that had been perfumed with skunk odor. After some internet research, I discovered a recipe that I thought might work better. It was a simple recipe, so armed with a plastic bucket, rubber gloves, an old wash cloth, a quart of hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, 2 teaspoons of liquid dish soap and some warm water, I headed for the pen. The solution did fizz, as a chemical reaction was occurring! Having already set up a bathing station next to one of our outside faucets with a hose, we used it immediately.

Our dogs are good natured so we grabbed each dog by the collar and began by carefully wiping their faces with a clean cloth. Next, we poured some of the mix on their back and down their legs. They thought this was fun, so it did not take long! The final rinse with cool water from the hose finished the task.

I won’t say the dogs came out smelling like a rose, but they were definitely much better. (This is an excellent recipe and you may want to jot it down, just in case you ever need it.)

I will add to this story tomorrow, as something else happened a few days later, and our dogs were again singing Songs in the Night!

Job 35:10 God is my maker, who gives me songs in the night - - -

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