Friday, January 14, 2011

Sack Lunches and Roast Beef Sandwiches

My daughter, Nancy had written me a thank you that stated. “By the way, I was fixing Randy's sandwich early this morning and I flashed back on you in your fuzzy slippers and robe, cutting up roast beef and making us sandwiches for our school lunches.

Mom, those were honestly some of the yummiest sandwiches!!!

Thanks for doing that! I appreciate that investment in my life.

In turn, I always made my children's lunches as well - even when they were teens!”

My daughter continued: “Many moms these days don't bother with a lot of stuff that still seems reasonable to me. Especially if, for nothing else, but to help save hard earned dollars.

Making lunches is often passé...considering it's so much easier to throw lunch money at the kids or crappy stuff like lunchables...or...nothing at all, in the hope their kids will put together something for themselves - - and we know how that works out.”   ***

Thank you Nancy for those kind words. My own mother prepared our lunches from Junior High onward. Usually it was three halves. Half a tuna sandwich, half an egg salad, half a cheese or often half a jelly sandwich. In with the lunch was a couple of home made cookies or a small cup cake. She did give us milk money to purchase a small carton of milk from the school cafeteria.

The Roast beef sandwiches. Yes, I chopped the meat fine with my chef knife, and mixed a bit of mayonnaise to hold it together. A slice of lettuce finished it off. I suppose you could add pickle relish, but I never did. An optional sandwich would be chopped left over baked chicken or turkey mixed with a bit of mayonnaise.

Food shows love, and lunches prepared by loving hands will fill the hunger in your growing children’s bodies and souls.

Be sure you are also giving your children spiritual food straight from the Word of God. Family Daily Devotions may be a thing of the past, but you can begin anew to help start a new trend to feed your family rich and strength giving food from above.

Each morning before school, I read a chapter from the New Testament to my children. At night I told them an Old Testament Bible story as they lay in their beds. I made an application from the story to apply to their lives.

Children are prone to make their own decisions about life, and those choices do not always correspond to that which you endeavored to teach them as they grew up.

The story of life has commas, and other punctuation marks, and if your children are still out there doing their own thing, please know this; there are commas, but no periods because the story does not yet have an ending! Keep on praying and trusting the Lord!

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  1. i appreciate your stopping by and leaving a comment.
    your sandwiches sound very tasty, good ideas.

    and yes, i agree, life is like the sand and waves that are rough yet can in time be used by God to make smooth our jagged broken edges.

  2. Waht a joyful noise you made at my blog. Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment.It is lovely to 'meet' you. I look forward to sitting awhile here and getting to know you better.



  3. I love this line: "Food shows love, and lunches prepared by loving hands will fill the hunger in your growing children’s bodies and souls."

    This is so much the theme of the book club discussion at The essays are quite lovely, sharing how meaningful it can be to share food. Here is one essay from the book that it also available online. It reminds me of this post--and many of your stories--and how you offer food and meals as a gift to your family:

    Thanks for linking to Food on Fridays--I always look forward to your creative contributions.


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